Should i compete in a tournament?


Im very new to the fgc, and I’ve fallen in love with sfv. I’m silver rank and improving steadily. My question is should I compete at defend the north next weekend? There are obviously many top tier there, but do people at my level compete or will I stick out like a sore thumb?


You should definitely go. Most tournaments have a really wide range of skill levels. If you want to get involved, start going out.


Do it! Support your local scene! If you like fighting games the best way t learn is with other players.


The answer is always yes. Go. People of all levels go to the big tournaments. The rhing is you will level up more that one weekend than you will spendind a whole week online. Be sure to ask the people who beat you what you could have done better. They will tell you. And make sure you say hi and get a picture with F3 Alucard Antwan Ortiz. One of the nicest people in the FGC


Yes you should. On top of that try and find the local players for you are and meet up in person. Going to local sessions will do more for your gameplay than anything else.

People always overlook the community part. That, in all honesty, is the most important one. Hang out with the people that love these type of games and enjoy the ride.


reasons to go to tournament:

  1. make some friends and hang out with people who share the passion for competition and fighting games
  2. idk maybe you’ll actually do well
  3. expand your horizons and other feel good nonsense

reasons to not go to tournament:

  1. you’re antisocial and you absolutely hate people and think they’re a waste of time. (if you’re the other kind of antisocial and you have trouble talking and meeting new people, you should definitely go because it has helped others and it might help you.)
  2. the tournament is a scam, operated by shady individuals, or is otherwise going to be a failure

yes you should definitely go to a tournament but you should also be wary of shitty TOs who see an opportunity to make a quick buck.


Yes. There are many reasons. The simple answer is yes.


I’d hit some meet ups first if you get performance anxiety or it might be a bad experience. First time I did a meet up the players were so clutch compared to where I thought I was at I completely froze it was snicker worthy, not only that I got home and discovered my stick had a directional come loose which hadn’t helped.

Playing in a traditional arcade or online with a variety of skill levels is a lot different than playing only seasoned players in intimate situation.


Thanks for all the input guys! The TOs were totally shady, and one even dropped a pen cap on my stick during my match. There was definitely favoritism going on as well.
Besides that it was a positive experience overall


Just wondering how did you do and would you go back?


The TO was jealous your stick was awesome.

Glad you had fun. Would you go to another tournament?


I went 0-2 but I played well against 2 good opponents. And I’ve gotten sooooo much better since then. I will DEFINITELY be going to more tournaments!


That’s so fucking retarded. Sorry you had to deal with that.