Should I continue to play SF?


After watching the local arcades die I was pretty damn hopeless, that is, until SF4 came out… I was hooked. I used to be really into Beatmania and there would be times that the fighting game crowd would get so hype that I would actually stop in the middle of my song and run over. I wanted a piece of that action and slowly began my transition from rhythm games starting on 3S then CvS2. Then SF4 came out and I was absolutely HOOKED. However, the scene here is now literally completely dead and I transitioned from the arcade to basically online 24/7.
I can honestly say I didn’t feel any salt back in the arcade days, but now… I just get unhealthily mad and that is basically where I am going with this. In vanilla I would get really mad… Curse out loud and what not. But it wasn’t until super that I went from a more so “traditional angry” to a “sick angry”. Basically, I allowed the trolls to fuel me and all the scum of the FGC. This is more so inspired from me either getting hate mail and not understanding why, or somebody sending me awful messages just cause I lost. When I first started noticing that my mind was slipping I even offered to help the assholes I beat, and asked for knowledge from the assholes I lost to thinking I could also help myself and maintain a positive aura…but assholes are going to be assholes right? Yeah. Just 2 weeks ago I got a phone call in the middle of a match and instantly turned off my console so I could run to the hospital for my cousin. I came back to the the most awful message ever and my mind just started to boil with thoughts I never thought I was even capable of but it has only gotten progressively worse. I just don’t think I can handle everything that comes with the FGC now. I really enjoy the game though and learning, but my thoughts just scare me now and I don’t want to get to that point of regret. Hoping maybe somebody went through something similar and conquered it?


Everybody gets the hateful messages you are referring to every now and then…

You just have to always keep in mind who the messages are coming from. As long as there is online gaming there will be “online tough guys” who would be quiet as mice if they actually had to play beside the person they were chirping in an arcade.

If you win you “spam” if you lose you are a “scrub” and so on.

If it is to the point these messages actually bug you to the point they are affecting your everyday life than quitting maybe isn’t a bad idea, just always remember who these messages are coming from and the fact that these people are irrelevant in your life…


I would just go silent for a while and maybe try to play the game for fun. If someone talks shit to you, man, just talk shit back. Don’t let them get away with that.

As for playing the game for fun, try learning a new character or something. Or go for a 15k BP goal. Get a lot of practice, then get back out and woop everyone’s ass. They WILL talk shit, but you can troll back. There’s a lotta people that act like they are the only one that can be good at this game, and they can’t stand the fact when they lose to someone better than them. Say “GG” a lot, be friendly, but if they’re salty and talk shit, you better add on to their salt. Stand up for yourself man, let yourself be the main character. Fuck everyone’s opinions. They can suck your dick.
I was at Peaceful Jay’s stream and EVERYONE talked shit about me. Whether I lost or not, EVERYONE just teams up on me. I didn’t want to be the pussy who makes excuses to why I lost. That will only add on to their trolling. Stand up for yourself, like standing up to a bully. If you fuck with them, they know they can’t mess with you. Fuck haters.


The online community is full of morons, never take an online warrior’s opinion into consideration and don’t even give those hate messages a second thought. You will find more people like you mentioned compared to others who will actually give you some competition while being helpful and friendly at the same time. This is why it’s best to just try to gather a group of players to have matches with regularly instead of playing a game of chance with randoms. You can meet some cool people as well as learn from your losses and improve your game. I suggest searching the matchmaking threads to find people to add.


Stop playing online if you can’t take shit talk from online scrubs.
Go toRegional Matchmaking…and find your local scene.
Offline scene is much more helpful.

Maybe you should also talk to someone about your temper…


Thanks for the quick replies, I wasn’t expecting that.
@Hocd - I actually don’t play very much ranked anymore. I feel the ranked system was a huge let down from that tournament system that was in vanilla. I’m more into a 2 or 3 man endless lobby. And I have been tossing around more GGs lately. I got my ass handed to me by a Guy and even though I cringed at the GG, I still sent it. Never got one back though, but also didn’t get any hate mail either. I wonder why though. Why does everyone have to talk shit? What is making them feel that they have to be like everyone else? I don’t get that.

@Shadow - I’ve been throwing friend requests to almost all green bar connections so I can have more people to fight but I swear they haven’t been on. I will most definitely take a look at the matchmaking thread. I still have that desire to learn.

@Geese - There is no local scene though. I am sure there are scattered people that play but there isn’t some place people go to meet up every week and get games in. But yeah my temper definitely needs to be stabilized. I’ve been opening up a little lately and telling some friends I trust but I don’t think they really understand the magnitude of it. I guess i’ve always had some sort of temper issues. My Mom told me I used to spit at the TV when I was like 4 or 5 cause I couldn’t beat E.Honda on SNES. And look where I am at now. Not too much has changed, except I don’t spit anymore, haha. Yeah I need to get a grip on all this.


I find that hard to believe…where do you reside?


I’ve never understood this. Why do you let people talk shit to you? On PSN at least it’s super easy to just ban people from ever contacting you if they send you nasty messages. People are salty, people have egos, etc…

It honestly sounds like you’re on “tilt”. It’s a poker term meaning that basically you’re mental attitude has changed, thus making you play and think differently, and normally for the worse. It takes a while to move through these stages, I found the best way has been to just walk away from the game for a week or two and come back with a clear head. Eventually you’ll just build up an immunity to being tilted, but if you don’t you can never really prosper in anything competitive. Taking bad beats, and dealing with shit heads is just part of the game. Not just this game, EVERY GAME.

These days, I say go ahead and talk crap. I’ll just use it to make myself better and to beat you. That’s the attitude you have to have.

Unless there’s real money on the line the results are less than important.


Anyway there is a reason I do all my matchmaking manually. The random parts of online are just full of fucking retards, that like to troll and try to get under your skin in one way or another. So whenever I want to play, I fight against friends, friends of friends that are held in high regard, or I just straight out hook up with some people here on SRK. Most of the online warriors I’ve met on this site are pretty chill. I don’t even do random endless battles, because it’s the same people you’ll find on ranked, the only difference is they don’t ant their points up for grabs at the moment.


no need to shit bricks over gay kids on the internetz. just delete messages before reading them if they affect you that much


there’s a bunch of weirdos out there…sigh…don’t let em get to ya. learn the game and you just might find something you can enjoy for an hour to a couple hours a day or all day sometimes.


Why do you care about these messages? These trolls don’t even know you, they just troll cause they are shitty people. EVERYBODY gets hate mail. I am a noob, so literally everybody messages me things like “HAHAHAHAHAHA”, “you suck”, and the few times I win “cheater”, “I let you win” and these kind of mail.
You want to know how to solve this problem? Ok, you can’t, because this isn’t a problem. Just don’t give a fuck about these shitty people and enjoy playing this beautyful game.




I didn’t get any of that on the PC version so far.


I had anger issues like this way back in the day before i got into FGs. I borrowed a yoga technique from the old O.T.O. The method was to help control one thoughts by picking a word or action (touching a hand to the forehead, using the word “I” in a sentence). Each time you did the forbidden act you would cut your arm with a razor. Not wanting to cut myself with a razor I took a band-aid and put a thumbtack through it then put the band-aid on my finger with the point out. Everytime I found myself getting angry for no good reason (usually at work) I would give my belly a poke.
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Is that you in your avatar? Sheesh dude you are buff as crap.


I don’t get why people get super-pissed about hate mail, losing, etc. Take some deep breaths and realize: in the grand scheme of things winning or losing in SFIV on PSN doesn’t mean shit.


If you play psn add me I’m green bars and still trying to learn and add more friends PSN: divinedrum


Just throw out a “Wut” or “LOL U Mad” message in response to hate mail, block the guy, and then be satisfied that he’s probably wasting his time typing out some stupid rant in response that you’ll never see.


And if you’ve been having a boring day and the guy/girl seems stupider than expected (honestly, how smart can they be when they write hatemail), you can troll them, if you have the mental capacity :slight_smile: