Should I Crouch Tech?

I seem to be getting cought in some frame traps recently, i was told by some kid that he can easily stop grabs with out crouch tech’s… should i practise just trying to read my enemy or increase my reflexs? or should i stick with my OS?

Are you getting punished for option selecting tech? If not, there’s really no reason not to.

You should always read your enemy. Option selects might be able to make decisions for you, but it’s still not a replacement for thinking.

I agree, try and get a read for your opponent. If he’s not using frame traps to bait your crouch tech, the risk isn’t high for doing so. If you find he’s breaking your crouch tech fairly often, maybe better to hold back on them. From playing enough though, I usually see that if someone is going to tick throw, they’ll try a jump-in maybe and a jab or two before going for it. It will look suspiciously like a block string so be ready to tech.

In the end, as you get more experience, you’ll be better able to read the situation and decide.