Should I ditch my new stick?

Play with a Hori EX2 Xbox 360 stick with a square gate restrictor

just bought a madcatz tournament edition arcade stick and the gate restrictor is different. My execution has dropped by about 40%

Is there anyway to put a square gate in the TE stick? or should I jsut stick with my old one?

The te stick comes stock with a square gate. Its a jlf. Are you using the stock Hori ex2 joystick or did you mod it for a jlf.

Wow really? they feel so different. Both are second hand so I suppose one may be modded.

The EX2 is a horrible stick. Ditch that instead of the TE.

Ahh, I love it man. First stick I had and has held up for about 4 years working perfectly.

It’s this TE that is being unreliable for me.

TEs come out of the factory with a square gate, but someone may have changed the gate on the TE before they resold it to you, which would explain why it feels different. When you move the stick around it feels more circular and lacking the corners like you had in the EX2, right? If so, change back to a square restrictor and problem solved. It’s a pretty easy change, if you run into any trouble there is tons of information in the tech talk section.

Look, you can see if the gate is different by making a 360 motion. Youll see what the stick draws, if it’s a square, an octagon or even a circle. If your gate is not square you can change it, Its easy to find them. You might even be able to buy one very cheap from someone who likes octa gates. Since every jlf comes with a square one, there must be many of them lying around. Maybe someone in the forum could sell you one for a good price.

The JLF on a TE is quite loose and not as clicky in comparison to many other sticks. But I recommend you try to get used to it, because once you do it’s a really great stick. It will last you long and parts are easy to find.

It’s a horrible Idea to keep an EX and sell a TE. You can put another stick in your TE, or change gate/spring in the JLF to suit you better.

Give your TE at least a month. If after that much time you still don’t like than start thinking about changing something. You’ll almost always need to adapt to a new stick (or any controller for that matter), even if it’s better. Take that time before you take conclusions.