Should I even bother with learning Abel?



With the new delayed wake-up mechanic, his mix-ups won’t be as strong. Do you think he’ll be weak in USF4?


No, afraid not…


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Note: He is a KOFXIII player now, but JuiceboxKing will be able to help with subjects that relate to Abel, if you do intend on learning him overtime.


Sounds like the Bison forums lol.


I beg your pardon?
Forgive me if that sounded pessimistic… what I meant to say was that I predict the new mechanic will not hinder Abel’s offensive game greatly, he will continue being formidable.

And funny thing about bison, recently had an opportunity to play Kingblacktoof’s Ultra mod and playing against my friends bison for some time… the nerf to his scissor kick was … virtually not there… felt like dealing with the same pressure we’ve always dealt with coming from bison.