Should i ever pick anythign over than SAIII?

yay or nay?

A big maybe to picking SAII for Akuma. #1, you have a 100% stun combo after a d.hp, and #2 Akuma’s teleport can get him out of unblockable situations. Even with these facts though, most Urien players stick with SAIII.

i like SAI though and i cant land shit with SAIII

SA II is so easy to combo its fool proof I allways use it

you have other problems then

I’d use SA1 against Akuma. You can use it to reverse a blocked hurricane or hadouken (even if the latter connects), moves that Urien normally can’t do shit against. Plus landing a c.HP on a decent Akuma probably isn’t that easy, so scoring 100% stun with SA2 is rarely gonna happen.

I don’t know why RX and those guys keep picking Aegis against Akuma. They never land unblockables or corner setups with it.

Against Akuma or at all? If you can’t use Aegis at all then don’t use Urien.

I’ve seen Japanese players use SA1 against Ibuki. Maybe because her sprite makes it hard to do certain unblockables.

i’d would say not to use SAIII if you cant get the unblockable down or don’t know how to control space with it. And if you can’t combo anything off it then stay away from it cuz u won’t be able to utilize it to the fullest

ok, im trying to use SAIII becuase i know realize the whole reason people play urien is because of the unblockables, but i have no idea how do get any combos in for SAIII, can you guys give me some? i have liek one or 2 but theyre lame, any help woul dbe great

Well from what I’ve seen it’s mainly up to you on which SA you want to use with Urien as each has it’s own use, from the way I see it (mind you I’m more of a ‘casual’/‘normal’ player):-
SA I- A good punishing super
SA II- This SA does a good amount of stun & the best way to get all hits in is to SC into it from a tackle
SA III- Unblockable

I should also note that which-ever SA you choose to play Urien with may affect how you play with him generally. I personally vary between SA I & SA II, I’ve never used SA III much TBH (and I kinda suck a little with the unblockables ^_^; ).

it’s not even unblockables that make SAIII so great (although, that’s a main reason). It’s the corner pressure that it gives you (high/low mixup) and the sheer VERSATILITY of the super.

Picking SAIII with Urien is a no-brainer. If you pick SAI or SAII with Urien, that’d be like picking SAI or SAIII with Chun-Li.

No. Close thread.