Should I Focus On One Game?


I joined SRK because of a friend’s recommendation. I was told the Newbie Dojo part of the forum had a lot of great advice listed throughout it, and from what I’ve seen I can say that I agree with that statement. Now on to my problem. I play a lot of fighting games. I play UMVC3, Street Fighter (Turbo HD Remix, 3rd Strike, 4, and 5) and Mortal Kombat X. I will sometimes go back and play 9. I have a decent level of skill in all of these but I wish to excel in one specific game. Do I choose the one I’m best at? The one I enjoy the most? I would like to know how to go about choosing the one to focus on. (I was thinking SF5 due to it’s large competitive scene, but I’m only adequately skilled at it.) Thank you very much for your consideration and answers.


i’d say play the one you have the most fun in.

the skills you learn in these games will carry over to the next fun game that comes out.
if you have a local scene: real offline opponents are the funnest way to play.


I definitely enjoy SF5 the most out of all the games I play. Thank you very much, Johnny! I’ll think about that.


Well I mean, it boils down to your outlook and your goals. Do you want to have fun with the game you’d like to excel at? Then stick to the game you find the most enjoyment in. Would you like to compete for cash? Master the game you’re best at. Also take into consideration your local scene and the amount of involvement you can have with the game you excel at. Like I said, it just boils down to your preference between “Cash” and “Fun”


Well, where I live theres almost no FGC scene. It’ s all about CS:GO and League of Legends. Which I have no problem with, those are both very cool games. But my goal is to start playing competitively. I’ve been putting a lot in to SFV and I’d like to start going to locals if I can find any.


the further you get into the competitive scene the more you start leaning towards one anyways
in the intermediate level (which is were most players start to end up for the longest time before they take the next step)

you will start to find alot of game specialists ones who only have interest in certain games so it will become more difficult to over extend yourself to find people that will play multiple games
try to find a stable group that has your same interests in mind and schedule accordingly.

older games had more stuff that carried over from game to game
nowadays it a tad bit more difficult as each games engine requires that you learn very specific stuff to be good in neutral


I’ve noticed that most of my friends that go to tournaments only focus on one game. You see this alot in Japan too, because most of those guys only play 1 game. Even at majors, I’ve never heard of a pro competing in more than two games. Maybe someone did and I just wasn’t paying attention lol. I do like everything you said, though. A lot of stuff from older games can be carried into the new ones. Thank you very much!


When you learn one game some things transfer over to others. [like muscle memory and timing]
All sf games share big similarities.
All guilty gear titles are similar to eachother.
kof also.

In each franchise of games of course not a super general thing.


Tokido, Sonicfox, Justin Wong and Ryan Hart are champions in multiple games to name a few. It’s certainly hard, but not impossible.