Should I get a fightpad, or should I wait to get a stick?

I have been playing on a 360 pad for a while. I have been trying to gather up money for a fight stick, but I ran into some major money issues. So I was considering getting a fightpad (preferably a new one) to use in tournaments to keep it in good condition.

Should I get it, or should I just wait and try to get a cheap stick?

If you’re serious about playing fighting games then a stick is a good investment and it WILL make you better eventually. If you can’t afford it then a fightpad is the next best option, but there are a lot of deals out there where you can get cheap SE/TE sticks, you just need to look around.

Wait for the stick. The fightpad isn’t much better than a normal pad, especially if you’ve been learning on the normal one for a while. Don’t waste time and money on a tiny little upgrade when you could wait and have a nice big upgrade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think that getting a Fight Pad is a good step in the right direction when you want to get serious when playing SF. I Started just like you on a 360 Controller, then onto a Fight Pad, then finally to Stick. Even though you might have the money to get a Fight Pad, I also think it is better to go directly to the Stick. I have been spending 6+ months on a Fight Pad and that Means I have 6+ months to get used to a stick. Some of your skills from Fight Pad to Stick can transfer, but you’ll have to re-learn everything once going to stick.

A stick is a big investment and should be thought about throughly before buying, but well worth the time and money spent on it if you want to get serious into fighting games in general, whether it may be SF or BlazBlue.

Buy a TE. You can get 'em for $100 online, about. worth it imo.

BTW, whazzup fellow detroit SF player. respek knuckles

TE are really cheap. You can get a SE from Gamestop for 59.99 or a MvC2 TE for 99.99 source is me. Since I work @ one.:tdown:

But, other then that Stick if you have a passion in general anywhere in yourself. The Stick is definitely worth it:bgrin:

Thank you all for replying

Whats up future fellow competitor? Respect knuckles back But It’s tough finding a TE for $100 or less. I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for the info. $60 is just the price I wanted. But are SE sticks allowed in tournaments? And don’t they break easily?

SE stick parts kinda suck but you can mod them when they start going to shit.

EDITED: and yes SE are allowed in tournaments.

I’d wait for the stick, it’s a worthwhile purchase if you’re interested in improving your game in SF. TE and SE sticks are worthwhile (as long as you’re willing to mod the SE) and TE sticks aren’t that expensive anymore.

It all depends…

It seems like most “serious” players would advice to get a stick, but it all depends. Personally, I bought a SF4 pad for $20 at Best Buy. If you are having i$$ues, a pad would be a nice investment, and a step above the shitty 360 controller. Your game will get much better and your inputs a lot more accurate with a fight pad.

Now, I can play with a stick, but I play much better with a pad. The way I hold the stick (palm up, joystick between 2nd and 3rd finger) hurts my hand. I guess I could hold the joystick some other way; I could, but it just doesnt feel right. I think, even if I could afford a stick, I would rather stick with the pad.

Now that is just me. Most pros play with sticks, and I’d say whatever brings you the best results, be it stick or pad.

There’s a lot more “techniques” that you can use on the stick than a pad, usually like plinking and double tapping, as well as slide inputs, which is essential to people who play Chun Li and Gen. They’re not the only ones who benefit though.

Long story short, get a stick if you wanna play FG’s.

360 d-pad is crap.

Buy a joystick and mod the d-pad. You’ll need both mainly for company/visitors.

While a stick can be a great investment and is recommended by nearly all FG players, I actually recommend the MadCatz SFIV Fightpad if you’re looking for a nice bridge.

[list]The D-pad is very versatile, easy to use, does 360 and 720 motions flawlessly, and great quality.[/list]
[list]The six face buttons are aligned like most stick layouts and are responsive and do not stick. Shoulder buttons are fine too. [/list]
[list]The start / select buttons are out of the way so you won’t accidentally hit them while playing (a common problem from the PS2 / original Xbox fightpads). [/list]
[list]You can use the buttons on the pad with your fingers aligned on the face like you would on a stick. I actually do this with HDR to help with :3p: / :3k: commands as there are no shortcuts, and it can help your mind sort of develop the function necessary for the stick button layout. Of course, it’s not the same - buttons are smaller, different sensitivity, etc., but it’s somewhere to start.[/list]
[list]Added bonus, it works on your PC! (360 one for sure, not positive about PS3)[/LIST]

All in all a worthwhile investment if you’re a pad player. And look on the bright side - down the line when you do get a stick you can let your friends use the Fightpad for 2P so they don’t feel like such schlubs when you wipe the floor with them on your shiny stick! :rofl:

I personally don’t think it’s worth buying a fightpad, it’s only marginally better than a regular controller.

Just be aware that stick takes some time to learn, and that it feels really weird for a while. But yeah, I think saving for a stick sounds like the way to go.