Should I get a madcatz SE or a Hori fighting stick?

I am getting my first arcade stick today from I was going to get the madcatz SE but I am worried because I heard the madcatz SE’s stop working after a while, but the hori is not as good as the SE.

So which one should I get? Is the SE really that defective?

get the SE and replace the buttons, possibly the stick

it’s a good case and can be very easily modded

also it’s a great price at $40

What if I don’t have any intention of buying a stick or any buttons. Is the SE still a good choice?

If you have no intention of buying a stick or buttons, then review the Trading Outlet threads to find a used Sanwa Modded SE (They go for 50-60 Shipped). Otherwise stick to pad or upgrade to a TE, round 1’s are going for 100 shipped if not less in some cases… Stock Hori is terrible and stock SE while it’s better, it’s still not good.

Yes go for the SE because only a matter of time and inevitable before the buttons or stick fail on either one. The Hori is a bitch to mod or repair cause the buttons are soldered to a PCB and you have to grind some tabs down for the buttons where as the SE is a direct bolt on or snap in replacement for Sanwa parts.

Get the SE, the price is amazing. I have absolutely no need for one, and I’m this close to buying one anyway.

And you will mod with better buttons and joystick in the future, you just don’t know it yet. :wink: And when you do, the SE is a great (and easy) modding platform.

GET the SE and buy 6 sanwa buttons($3 each). all you have to do is pop out the old buttons and pop in the sanwas. The only tool you will need is a + screw driver. super super easy.


If you have no intention of replacing parts then get a TE or a HRAP3 SA

SE vs. HORI FS, this question seems to be asked on a daily basis. Can’t we just sticky a thread titled “if you’re gonna buy a cheap stick, just buy a MC SE”?

hahahahahahaa, the sticky says EXACTLY THAT


IMO, Hori haven’t made a decent, affordable stick since the Fighting Stick 1 (almost a hundred years ago). While the stock parts are pretty brass for both, the SE still takes the edge.

However, it would be a much better investment to hold out for a few months saving up cash to purchase a 2nd hand TE stick.

Ok. Well im going to get an SE, and if it goes out, im just gonna get the stick and buttons from sanwa. Im sure the SE will hold out for a year at least right?

no year, 3 months tops

What!? It’s that bad? well I will keep good care of it, not play it to roughly.

3 months tops means thats the max, place an order for new parts now because by the time it ships the buttons will already start failing.

Jesus Christ.

Get the TE from amazon no tax (unless you’re in NY) & no shipping.

It’s on sale, just $99 and last forever.

Plus, there isn’t a better stick out there than the TE.

And if you later decide fighting game is not for you (not likely) or you suddenly need the cash, you can get back $60-$70 easily selling it used.

I know it sounds too good. DO IT.


Posted this in the recent good find thread but in case you missed this and still looking for a stick

GoGamer 48 Hour Madness - Round 2 TE $99 & FightPads for Xbox 360 & PS3 $19.90

Great for those still debating whether to get the amazon TE for $99 but wanted the Round 2 instead.


Everyone seems to forget to ask on what platform the OP will be playing. If it’s PC make sure not to buy a PS3 SE unless you’re absolutely certain you have the right chipset. Also i have been playing on a hori for the past year, no problems with it. I also have an SE which did in fact not break within 3 months, so don’t listen to the preachers of fear, they just need to justify buying the overpriced bulky thing that is the TE to themselves =P

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It is not worth it to buy the SE at that price if you plan on getting buttons and a genuine Sanwa stick. AT $3 a button, x 8 buttons that’s already $24. With shipping it’s about $27 - $30 already, on top of the $40 you are paying for the SE your at $70. If you get a stick you will be around $85 - $90 total already. The TE is only $10 more and much less hassle.

My brother has a SE and the regular buttons and stick started to be less responsive under1 month. Between both of us we have a TE, SE (Modded), and HRAP3 (Sanwa Buttons added), for brand new price point, your round 1 TE is the best value (sales going on). I do not enjoy the SE’s size & weight either.

no, virtua stick high grade