Should I get a Madcatz tourament Edition

Hi Guys

Here are the points in favour

  1. I really really want one they are so cool
  2. I have the money
  3. It will most likely improve my game
  4. It will make my friends jealous lol
  5. Its the most precision instrument a SF player can get

Points against

  1. I already own a madcatz Street Fighter pad and a Madcatz fightstick (the one below the touramnet edition)
  2. Its expensive
  3. I dont think i’ll ever be a pro (Although I would like to enter tournamnet,s not that there is that many in the UK)
  4. I dont know if it will improve my game, It may just be the same as my other stick

Well there is my decision on paper what do you guys think as i no many of you own touramnet editions. I would really like it and the cost is’nt that much of a issue, i really just want to know is it worth it. Thanks

Don’t even need to ask. If you can get your hands on it, then by all means, DO IT! Besides, the pros you’ve mentioned outweighs the cons. That’s more than enough of a reason to get yourself one of these sticks.

It’s really not any different than the SE. I would say it’s a waste of money unless you’re planning to personalize it with your own art.

Don’t buy a TE… head over to TechTalk and search around. There’s a ton of threads where you can just buy the Sanwa parts that comes in a TE. It’s cheaper, it’s hella easy (have you even so much as replaced a light switch cover before? cause that’s about as hard as it is) and you won’t have to own 2 sticks and not use one.

In my opinion this is by far your better option.

The Standard Edition (even with upgraded pieces) suck. Nowadays, you can get round 2 tournament edition sticks for 99$ with free shipping. Get the damn TE. Dont be an idiot like myself and buy 2 separate SE sticks for 2 separate systems and upgrade both of them with TE parts, which turned out to be more than just buying a goddamn TE stick.

/end rand :frowning:

This is not a true statement… the TE comes with Sanwa parts which last much longer and are definitely more responsive than the knockoff mad catz parts found in the TE. Granted it’s rather easy to mod the SE with about 50$ so you can use the same parts as the layout for both are identical.

If you have a SE stick already, then go to Lizard Lick Amusements and mod your SE stick so it can be in TE performance. Less money, same performance.

Come on now, elaborate.

Its too small, and doesn’t fit on my lap as comfortably as the TE does. Also, I dont ever feel like I have enough room to rest my hands, but maybe thats just my opinion. I regret not just buying a TE and be done with the upgrades. In any event, when I say “The Standard Edition sucks”, i mean for my personal liking. I prefer the TE because of the size and customizability

get the TE

while technically you can have the same parts if you order them, its not the same

the body of the TE is above and beyond the SE, if you have money i say go for it, why not if this is something you spend a lot of time doing

If you have the cash I say go for it. IMO u wont regret it. I own 3 of them (1st edition, and two 2nd). Best stock stick I’ve ever used in my life. My 1st edition feels the same as the 1st day I got it (when sf4 wAs released) and Ive had no need to modify nor replace anything. Theyre quality sticks.

its a great stick but why not mod the SE first and see if that works for you man


SE with Sanwa parts is definitely not on the same level as a TE. I say you should get the TE, you don’t have to be a top tournament player to get one.

Where can i buy TE for only $99 on online retailers?

Sometimes they have deals at Amazon or at Game Shark (?? Please correct me on the website)

The promo ended 2 days ago, so better luck next time. Just keep your eyes peeled on the Tech Talk sub-forum and Amazon for any special deals.

Maybe thats just your opinion?

Theres nothing objective about that at all.

Some people actually prefer the smaller form factor. I could imagine someone who plays on the floor with the stick between their legs… haha funny but seriouslybut the TE is a bit big for that.

Yeah one of my friends spends a lot of time practicing on the SE because the smaller case has forced him to learn more precise and less forceful movements. He has much better execution than me.

TEs are bad fucking ass and IMO are way better than the SE ESPECIALLY if you play in your lap, playing in your lap with an SE can be troublesome if you’re a big guy

But, if you mod your SE it feels just like a TE only without the size

That being said a TE will cost you around $100 while modding your SE will cost about $50. In the end they will both feel the same

The choice is yours.