Should I get a PS3 or a PS4 for fighting games?


I mostly play my fighters on PC, but lately I’ve had a real hankering for some anime fighters like Xrd and BBCP.

I’ve been thinking about getting a PS3 because A. it’d have muh animu fighters I want, and B. I have a MadCatz PS3 stick already that I use for PC so I wouldn’t need to buy another one.

But I’m wary about dropping $250 on an 7+ year old console, especially when there’s the concern that ArcSys will stop releasing games entirely for the PS3 and make the full transition over to PS4, making my purchase a little moot.

So I’m stuck at an impasse, should I just sucker up and buy a PS3 right now so I can play more fighters immediately, or should I get a PS4 and pray they make good fight sticks and more games for it eventually?


Get a dreamcast 2.


Get a japanese Saturn with 4MB Ram Cart and play XvSF.


Get a Game Gear.

You know who makes it.




Nah son, Activision.


I’m still wanting a portable Colecovision.




This dude gets my respect :tup: :tup:


If you want to play games that are out now, you NEED a ps3. Only announced fighting games for PS4 are Skull Girls, new Tekken, and Guilty Gear (and that one has a PS3 port also).

Dengeki Bunko, Guilty Gear Xrd, Blazblue, SFIV, UMvC3, Darkstalkers, Skullgirls, P4A Ultimax, and many others are ALL on/coming to PS3 at the moment.

Decide if you want to wait for a while before picking up any fighting games on PS4, or gain access to the huge library on/coming to PS3 for the next year or two.

And I have a Saturn. <3 But let’s be honest…most ports on PS2/Dreamcast blow away Saturn versions now…only fighting game I still have for Saturn is X-Men vs SF.


Boxing on the 2600 is the best fighting game ever made, with one button its so stripped down you have to have perfect yomi to win.

Itll be interesting though if Xrd plays better on ps4 than ps3. But id say get a ps3. Doesnt the TE 2 work on both ps3 and 4? That sick is SICK.




Possibly, but I have the PS3 MC FS Pro and afaik that only works on PS3 and PC.




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