Should i get a stick? (shoulder problems)

First, hello all
im kinda new in to the forum, and also into fighting games…
im currently using a ps3 controller for my sf4, but im willing to spend the $ into a good stick…
but then i have this question… will i have any problem with my shoulder?, since i have problems in the left shoulder (stick)
srry to be so vague, but what do u guys thinks? using the stick make your shoulder move alot or smthg?

hope i can get some insight, since i dont want to spend $$ in something that i woulnd be able to use after :confused:

bye !

The movement is more in the wrist than the shoulder, I would say.

You could try a Hitbox, an all-buttons controller.

Hello and welcome to SRK and fighting games!
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As for your main question, unless you plan on slamming your fists against your arcade stick, getting way into the moment like in commercials and leaning your body in various angles, or just tense up and twitch your shoulder generally wont be moving. Rather if anything you will at most be moving anything from your forearm to your wrist and fingers.

If you are curious about which types of arcade sticks work for you check here:
[What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

If you have any other questions feel free to ask but these two links would provide many basic links to tutorials and general info as well as a dedicated Noobie FAQ Thread:


heheh thanks alot for the answers, i did research abit on the forum, and already looked which stick i want…
is just that my damn shoulder had fu***d me so many times already… that i dont want to get into something, to leave it after ;/
actually i have been watching lots of videos to see the movements of the arm… yeah it dosnt look too shaky, but i had to ask what the ppl using the stick feels :o
thx u all

bye !

Hi Mwl, I actually had a same dilemma as you. I had a shoulder impingement and whenever I used a stick it seemed like it made it worse. The thing is though, I was using my whole arm for movement of the stick rather than just the wrist. Basically if you relax and don’t tense up with the stick you should be fine. One general tip sit up straight and don’t slouch haha.

Using the actual joystick involves more wrist movement. But another thing to think about is position you will be sitting in. It wont be the same as sitting in a chair with a controller. Your arms will be extended out. Not a big deal, but depending on whats wrong with your shoulder long periods of time could make it uncomfortable. Other than that i would think a joystick wouldnt be a issue. i have to warn you though, if you go to joystick and your not used to it, expect to get your ass owned more until you get used to playing on jstick. lol