Should I Get a TE Stick for Xbox or PS3

Which console is more used in tournaments, I want to start getting more serious into street fighter and I was wondering which one I should buy, because I do not want to buy a stick for PS3 or something and realize that most tournies use Xbox 360. I live in Ontario in Canada if that helps with anything btw.

XBox Sticks can “easily” be dualmodded so these are generally the choice if you’re unsure which console you’ll be playing on.
Don’t know if you’re deadset on the TE but alternatively you could buy one of the Qanba Sticks that come with a 3in1 PCB.

2 questions, where could I get a Qanba Stick with a 3 in 1 PCB, and are they high quality?

Qanba sticks are meant to be the bomb!

It depends on what the consoles the tournaments in your area use. Most tournaments run on xboxs, since they are cheap, and generally considered the tournament standard. But sometimes some tournaments (Evo) use PS3s as the standard.

That being said, your best bet is to get a Qanba 3-1 stick. They’re the same price as TEs ($150), and come dual-modded out the box, standard Sanwa sticks and buttons, and have a nice felt bottom to keep it from slipping. I love the stick to death, it works perfectly, no problems, and I can’t think of a reason why anybody would buy a TE at this time.

BUT, if you’re not going to take it too seriously, just pick up a decent $50 stick for whatever console you’re going to be playing on, and mod it with new buttons and sticks if you want to take it to the next level. In the future, you can have the option of dual-modding your stick, or finding someone who can do it for you. It’s easier dual-modding an Xbox stick than a PS3 stick.

PlayAsia or directly from their website I think. I bought a Q4RAF recently to use at a friend’s house, only used it once so far but it feels solid and as good as the 360 TE stick I have.

Just get a stick that works for both. Eightarc sticks are made by Qanba.

Also if you want a metal frame stick instead of a cheap plastic stick. There is the etokki omni.

You have to order and Qanba stick online, or what you can do is get a local community member from Toronto to get you your stick and pick it up for him. Inbox me if you want to know the guy.

Quanbas are great stick no doubt, can last for like 3 years (constantly playing) maybe 5-6 years with good care. the only issue i have with them compare to the TE is that the start button is to the right of the stick in the front. so you may press the start button in a match by accident and in a tourney thats horrible

I got mine at They are very high quality. The Eightarc is basically the same stick, with different art, the start button re-located to the size, and costs $30 more.

Here in Australia we use PS3 as standard, as do Japan, I think Xbox is more common in the States however Evo is on PS3 along with some other tournaments in the states. Not sure about the U.K.

I do know however that Sony have rights to MLG in the U.S (why CoD is PS3) and while MLG is not currently a force in the fighting game tournament scene outside of MK, it seems like they will be making efforts to include more fighters and their popularity is growing. Just an emergent forecast, it’s not an immediate concern but it’s worth mentioning.