Should i get a xbox one arcade stick or just mod my arcade stick


okay I’m planning on getting mad catz arcade stick pro for ps3 for $99 on amazon for modding

but my friend told me to get the new arcade stick for xbox one for $200, which i’m not comfortable on spending that much cause i’m going to customize the buttons and the template

but i have a feeling someone in the future is going to make a new xbox one pcb for the ps3/xbox 360 arcade stick

What should I do??

I’m researching on how to mod



The TE2 combined with a PS360+ and the new Crossbone for the TE2 would make it a killer stick compatible with everything. That’s a lot of change to spend on something if you want to cut it up and change things and mod it out… especially when there are other alternatives out there for less money.

Whats the primary system you are going to use it on? What’s your end goal for the stick? That may help folks give you a better answer and save you some cash.


I had two TE2s…they are extremely nice, the parts are extremely accessible, but truthfully, why would you replace the parts? They are Sanwa and extremely durable, and high quality. Debatably the best on the market. The new TE2 doesn’t have the led buttons or haptic light controls, and costs the same as the original KI TE2, kind of a kick to the nuts. All that being said,I sold my TE2s. I don’t like them from a feel perspective. They are fat–extremely bulky, and not in the good way. The surround was very plasticky feeling. Personally, I prefer my Foehammer–heavier, stouter, better looking. More expensive though. Personally, I like the TE better, and the WiiU TE is still only $59, with all Sanwa. Get the aforementioned PS360+ And a bare XBONE PCB (from Jasen–he’s great) and dual mod them. Will end up costing less than a TE2 and be compatible with all the modern systems and some retro systems.


Or buy one of Jasens sticks–the panzer and the panzer wide-body are sick–will cost more this way, but worth it. Or wait for the new custom box from Jasen for his Lindbergh panel–should be epic.


The wii u te (while they’ve still got them) is a fantastic deal for the case and parts alone, definitely the best deal you’re going to come across if you intend on gutting the pcb anyways. I really like the Noir layout also, more comfortable than viewlix imo.

If cost was no consideration, I’d build a panzer. I love the idea of a tough metal stick with lots of space to work with, especially when you consider the customization options.


using it for ps3 and xbox one


okay i’ll keep that in mind for wii u stick

just want to customize and change for template to make it look cool also using it for ps3 and xbox one


this is tech talk

“should i mod ?” questions can get you shot…

mod that stick


I couldn’t find another thread to ask: So the 360 stick isn’t compatible with the XBONE? Weak.


Nope. You have to padhack or buy a Xbone TE2 at this point.


Because MS wants you to spend more of your money.

The new Xbone controllers work on a whole new security scheme as there was too many grey market options for the Xbox 360
and the security chip has been hacked.