Should i get into sf5?


iv been playing fighters since the 90s. i been going to tekken tourneys since i was 13 in 2005. i love all the sf2s alpha 2 cvs2 even some sf4 though didnt play it much.

but i played sf5 once at a small arcade and i just hated the way it felt. ryus standing hk was like real life kick speed lol felt sooo slow sluggish vs other games so i didnt give it anymore thought


Not sure what kinda pirate set up you were playing on since SFV never got an arcade release but yeah now is a great time to get into SFV.

With 3 seasons of DLCs, and especially Sagat finally being released, it finally feels like there’s a character for every play style.


was arcade with candy cabs they just had a sf5 game with a ps4 or whatever but converted into a cabnet


Yea pick it up and try your main if available. I main mostley ken but there is tons of characters too choose from and it takes all different skill levels.


i like sf4 ken but n sf5 hes basically a tkd guy like kim