Should i get MKX / Killer Instinct?

I have just recently brought a xbox one on black friday and want to get a fighting game however i dont which one to get.

I have previously owned MKX on the PC and have over 200 hrs clocked in before the tremor patch. I quited MKX because the online on the Pc version is horrendous. I heard that the console version is better however since its a neitherrelm studios game i dont have alot of trust on the netplay. (Mk9 , Injustice are examples of their shitty netcode)

I heard good things about Killer instinct however im afraid because im jumping into the community so late that ill be going thru a uphill battle trying to catch up. Also worried that if i buy it now that it’ll be on sale in a month or two because of the 3rd season pass & the PC release.

MKX P.E :41 dollars plus tax
Killer Instinct : 60 dollars plus tax

PS: who is disappointed on the character design of Fang from SFV

You need to make up your own mind about this kind of thing. FGD explicitly forbids creating threads of this nature.