Should I get P4A or Blazblue Continum Shift?


I haven’t played either but I’ve been following Blazblue for a while. I’m very familiar with the story and character and play styles. But I’m worried the online scene may be dead.

Persona on the other hand, I know it’s made by ASW and it’s easier to get into from what I’ve heard. But because this game is newer I think it may have a larger online presence.

By the way, I play on Xbox if that helps anything.


BBCS is super old.

I’m pretty sure all of anime is on BBCP or GG getting ready for XRD.

There might be people on xbox persona–don’t know what the xbox players are doing since they stopped getting anime games.


If you’re on Xbox 360, you’re kind of boned if you’re looking to get into the current installment of BlazBlue as Chrono Phantasma is exclusive to PS3 and Vita. Unless you already have a PS3 or willing to get one, you’ll have to make do with Continuum Shift Extend.


Persona is actually kinda dying because there’s a new version out in Japan, and many anime players dropped it for BBCP.

BBCP however, is PS3 only for dumb reasons.

If you don’t have a PS3, you should probably get Persona, since at the very least, you know that the next game in that series will be available for the Xbox.


Persona is dead on XBL. Continuum Shift I don’t know. Don’t have XBL


I got Persona last month. It’s pretty active around noon. This is for XBL I don’t know about PSN.