Should I get the 8800GT?

I currently have a 256MB 8600GT. Future Shop has 512MB 8800GT’s on sale for $100, which seems like a really good deal to me. Should I pick one up, or could I get something much better for a little extra cash? Things to note:

-I’m not a heavy PC gamer, but I like FPS, RTS and the occasional RPG

-I’m an nVidia guy, so I stick with their cards

-I want to pick up Far Cry 2, and probably Red Alert 3 down the road. My PC should be able to run the game just fine, but I’m sure my graphics card will hinder performance a bit.

The 8800GT is a good card to get in general - best performance-to-price so far. But I am thinking an “upgrade” from 8600 to 8800 may be a bit marginal. Just personal choice but I’d rather save up for a bigger upgrade for this case.
It’ll also be nice if you could post other specs of your computer

PC specs:

Win XP Pro 32-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz

The difference between a 8600 and 8800 is pretty big. It’s bigger than you think it would be, 8800 GT is an amazing card.

Go for it

Alright, so I got the 8800GT (not the $100 one sadly, but I found one for $150, which is still a good deal). It’s the XFX brand. The problem is, after installing it, the PC will not go through its POST…all I get is a black screen and the light on the monitor just flashes. Any idea how to fix this before I return the card?

My motherboard is an ASUS P5VD2-MX SE, if that helps.

I think you could get more help looking at the computer help thread…

Good luck!

dont get one 8800, get 2 :slight_smile:

I want to get one working first. :slight_smile:

You didnt short something out when installing the card did you? Plug the old card back in and see if it boots.

make sure your power supply is powerful enough to run all your hardware. the 8800gt requires a minimum of 450 watt (if i remember correctly), but i would recommend something like this just so you shouldn’t have to worry about it in the future.

Agree. I have both and the difference is significant.

Yeah, I’m going to pick up a 650W PSU. The card not getting enough power might be the problem, but I thought the card would just go into low power mode. My old 7600GT did that when I had a bad PSU.

8800GT is a great card, but don’t worry too much about the power issue.

If you’re running a high end system, consider upgrading your Power Supply. But, keep in mind that Dell ships desktop computers with 8800’s in them, and those PC’s come with a 300 watt power supply.

If its not a PSU problem, try removing the heatsink from your CPU. Look at it carefully, does the thermal grease all smeared out?
Smeared out as in ‘all over the place’. Then it might touch something it shouldnt touch, closeing circuits it shouldnt. If so, remove it, add some fresh and try booting.

I wouldn’t touch a Dell PC with a 10-foot pole. :slight_smile: Custom PC’s for life.

Haha, trust me, I agree!

But my point was that power isn’t THAT big of an issue. You should be fine, but if you’re running Dual Core with Dual channel ram + 2 hard drives + DVD + more peripherals, you MIGHT need to upgrade


Unfortunately, the 650W PSU didn’t help at all…still getting the black screen. I don’t know what to do except return the card.

I’m on the phone with XFX tech support right now…they’re saying that the card might not work because I have a VIA chipset.

via chipset is hell. i will never buy anything with via chipsets for the rest of my life. i have had so many irq and usb issues with via chipsets in the past that its just not worth it.

try getting bfg 8800 gt’s. i own two in sli mode, and they run great.

The next motherboard I get will not have a VIA chipset, that’s for sure.

XFX gave me a BIOS file that’s supposed to fix the problem I’m having. The issue is, I have to plug my card into another PC in order to flash the file onto the card.