Should i get the hori hyabusa or the kowal 1mm actuator?


im droping combos left and right in K.I. on my T.E 2 when i try to execute quarter circles on the jlf, ive never had this problem in my other stick ( pobably because i have the rollie flash in it ) , so should i get the hyabusa or the 1mm actuator…or both? would they actually help in any way?


Hayabusa is almost identical to a JLF so you won’t really get any difference there other than a smoother stick. The 1 mm actuator is going to need more execution accuracy to play on.

Why not get another flash instead? TE2 has a JLF in it…


good idea, i may try i heavier spring to see if that helps be for i shell out another 60 bucks , thanks!


Rollie flash is like $35 or so now. Maybe cheaper. Heavier spring is good though, they really do change the feel of the stick. Try a 2 or 2.5 lb.


yeah i swapped it out for a 2lb from an older stick i dont really use anymore, much much better


I personally really love the hayabusa with a LS-32 spring (just a tad heavier than the JLF / Hori stock). I couldn’t go any heavier while using a wineglass grip.


Glad you found something that’s comfortable for you.


i think the loose spring was the issue, my executions are way better… now i just need to hit up focus attack for another 2lb spring for my other stick…i still use that for my other systems and tournaments.