Should I get the HRAP 3 or MadCatz TE?

Can you guys suggest which stick I should get? Forget about availability, pricing etc. Which one performs the best?


HRAP3 = sanwa jlf + hori buttons, TE = sanwa JLF + sanwa OBSF buttons. You do the math.

the TE is better.

I suppose the te weights heavy and has more room for your wrists to manuever, I would say TE performs better. If you replace hori buttons with sanwa, they are pretty much identical other than the extra features that te offers as far as cord compartment and appearance. Other than that, they both have quick disconnects, which are wonderfully modifiable.

get which you can afford, replacing the buttons on the HRAP3 to sanwas and their work at equal levels and would cost you around or less the smae

Performance-wise, once you mod the buttons, they are the same.

It will come down to preference. Do you prefer the Blast City Layout used in the HRAP 3 or the Viewlix Layout used on the TE? Do you prefer to have your start and select buttons on the face panel (HRAP 3) or separated away from your buttons (TE)? Do you need to have a USB cable bay (TE)?

If you have no problem with waiting the HRAP3 will definitely be cheaper in the long run as there are places that have it for pre-order for the retail price of $99.95. Not to mention there is also the BlazBlue HRAP 3 which retails at $119.95, which may have additional modifications but there aren’t any details on that atm. After the cost of upgrading to OBSFs it should still be cheaper than the $149.95 retail for the TE stick (if you can find it at that).

Also, HORI sticks seem to have a lesser fail rate than those produced by MadCatz. If you went through the Tech Talk forum (and other forums) you could definitely find issues with both, but there definitely seem to be more problem having problems with the the TE stick vs the HRAP 3. Hori is much more well-known for making fighting sticks than MadCatz, but MadCatz has shown that, when it works as designed, the TE and SE sticks are up there.

I bought a PS3 recently and just purchased a TE stick off of eBay for the inflated price. However, I also intend to pre-order a HRAP 3, so that I can eventually have 2 sticks and friends could easily come over to play, people wouldn’t need to bring sticks, etc. I personally think they are about the same and don’t think I will have a problem using either.

TE is a phenomenal stick out of the box.

With the rate of TE problems that I’m reading about, it is questionable as to whether go with the HRAP3 and mod the buttons or get a TE stick. People who are having probs with buttons not working after a period of time, did you find out whether it was a connection problem (QD’s not tight enough to the button pins) or whether it was an actual PCB fault?

If you have a PS3 with BC, the TE stick won’t play PS2 games but the HRAP 3 will. You can switch out the buttons on a HRAP 3 easily as well. Its your choice.

i have both sticks, but i like the TE Stick better

I’m a very recent TE owner and I’m having (some) second thoughts on it.

Throughout all the damned fighting games, I’ve owned a lot of sticks. Three stood out in my ownership:

  • Hori Fighting Stick (PS2, on sale in this forum)
  • Dreamcast Agetec (sold on SRK)
  • Dreamcast Ascii (sold on SRK)

Between the three, I’d say my favorite overall feel is the DC Ascii stick with the second being the Hori Stick (it’s stock still and works flawlessly). The TE stick feels great, has the better button placements (no more accidental hitting of start/select/home) and the cable management is really a huge bonus.

Unfortunately, I don’t (at least yet) have the same confidence as with my Hori stick that I’ve been using for years and very heavily in the last few months with SFIV. Even my brother noticed that he was missing some moves with his TE stick that he’d normally land. I’m going to play it (much) more to get it broken in and hope that my early impressions are gone after a climb in BP and not missing the fricken Gouken grab + ultra (again).

I’m now in the market for an HRAP3. Something I like about the Hori builds and I want the latest ps3 version in my stable (gotta have a second for friends and I don’t want to hear complaints).

hrap3 probably gonna last u longer. i got mine for 90 dollars before sf4 came out. switched out the buttons, and now i am very happy with it. i’ll take a hori over a madcatz any day.

Get a HRAP3 and mod it

TE Stick all the way. Had a HRAP EX and sold it once I got my TE and tested both. TE is better.

I have a Hrap ex modded with sanwa and I have the TE. Looks department stock TE wins. Though you can of course add your own custom image to both. quality wise buttons/sticks fine, just the PCB I’ll start worrying about later. I have had let mad katz burn me b4. Hopefully not this time.

There are tons of threads asking this same question. The most recent one I can remember is here:

Remember that the Hori in question in that link is nicer than the one you are looking at. The difference is stock Sanwa buttons, not just a stick.

had both sold hrap3…

No going back for me. The construction on the TE is too nice. Its also flatter so i can play on my lap or on the table

I have the hrap, but I’m pretty sure the madcatz is better by a small margin.

Hey guys thanks for the replies, I still haven’t decided yet, but do you guys know where the HRAP3 and TE stick are made in? Are they both made in China? I would greatly prefer a made in Japan product.