Should I get the Mayflash or the Hori?


I just paid through Paypal for a Mayflash stick. But I just found out about this Hori stick.

What should I do? I just want a stick that will work for at least a year. I’ve read good and bad about both. With the Mayflash, it will cost me about an additional $50 for parts to mod it with.

Should I cancel my order of the Mayflash and go with the Hori?


I would get them both. Mod them both. Which ever one you want to mod first its up to you.

This is The Mod threads for both Sticks.

Hori FS3

Artwork and Templates for Hori FS3

Mayflash Arcade Stick

I could not find artwork thread for the Mayflash stick. Well hope this helps and Good luck. Post some pics when done. Again get them both. At first I only wanted one and Now I have 4 in the past month.

Mad Catz SE Stick PS3 (Modded with all Sanwa Parts, Going to be Dual-Modded)
Mad Catz TE Stick X360 (Going to be Dual-Modded)
Hori FS3 (Modded with all Seimitsu parts, Metal Gear Solid 4 Artwork)
Nubytech SF 15th Anniversary PS2/XBOX (Going to be Modded with all HAPP Parts, Going to Be Quad-Modded)