Should I get this game?

After seeing this video, I am getting my doubts.
Did they nerfed this?


Yeah, in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Phoenix isn’t nearly as broken as she was. There’s still a lot of broken stuff though.

Phoenix is still good, but she isn’t as dominant as she was in Vanilla. If you decide to get this game, prepare to deal with a lot of bullshit. This game can be very unforgiving and one mistake can cost you the match.

That’s the reason I’m getting doubts.

The first couple of weeks of this game are very gruelling. You’re going to get owned left and right and have no idea why. But once you start understanding more about the game and getting better, it’s very rewarding.

No one touches Phoenix. I still play vanilla MvC3 so I deal with this Dark Phoenix bullshit every day.