Should i get USF4 for ps4?

Im worried that im only gonna fight with noobs and i heard that theres tons of bugs and glitches should i get it?

From what I heard the community is actually ok, but I’d advice you to wait till the next patch (which has been alread anounced) drops in and see if it fixes the rest of the glitches

Theres tons of noobs I had to make a list to kick them out. Its still good tho.

Oh and I forgot theres a lot of wifi/lag players too.

This is the main problem,even if you’re connected via ether net port you’ll get lag from the opposing side.

I just bought the game last night, haven’t played SF on a consistent basis since AE (2011). I’ve been following the game a lot recently though, interesting to see the same guys that were on top years ago still are (Daigo, Kaz, Mago, Tokido, Fuudo, PR Balrog, etc). Anyway, I was rusty as first, but I’m catching up to speed well, so maybe my analysis on the competition isn’t as accurate as the rest of these guys.

Nevertheless, I’ve come across one tournament level player, he mained Rose. Otherwise the competition has been decent. No reason you shouldn’t enjoy the game though, there are a lot of good players who play this game I’m sure. With SFV being for PS4 only I imagine more fighting gamers will flock to the PS4 and will probably buy USFIV to prepare for SFV. Also keep into account a lot of players are stalking these forums (like I did) to make sure the game has been tweaked of it’s bugs before they buy it. So if you ask me, buy the game if you’re a fan of it.

is xbl still where the more prominent community is? I wanna get back into playing street fighter but wondering if I should renew my live or if I need to get a ps4.

Get a PS4…SFV is coming next year.

After this year’s EVO USF4 is probably going to die

SFV will only be on PS4. For some reason XBL took over the fighting game community with SFIV, but thankfully SFV will only be for PS4 so all of us will be on the same platform. SFV Online is going to be absolutely insane.

I played a few times after playing PS4 for awhile and it’s still strong as ever. The next gen consoles are still kinda wet behind the ears when it comes to original content which leads me to believe people are just waiting for good games to come out, so your current version is fine until SF5 drops.

Maybe next year when SF5 drops. If you’re a tournament player that goes to tournaments that uses PS4 it might be worth it, but for the most part the system itself doesn’t really have anything out for it that says BUY ME over the current gen. It’s been a year and I’m steadily cruising toward my third RMA because my disc drive is spotty accepting discs and makes grinding noises randomly.

there are many elite players atm on ps4
they fixed a lot of those glitches and the con got much better by now