Should I get X-Men vs. SF and MSH vs. SF for ps1?

I’m aware that they are particularly shitty ports, even though I remember having a lot of fun with them back in the day. Basically, I’m kind of a completist, and I own a home version of virtually every SF game that was ever released except for these two, which I traded in years ago.

I don’t have a Saturn, and I don’t plan on getting one for these games. It’s not worth it, and you can’t play online anyway. There are a couple of things that are holding me back.

First, these games generally don’t go for anything under $30 on ebay, which I assume is the cheapest place to get them. I think that’s kind of expensive considerin their age. Second, if I do end up putting up that kind of money, I’m going to be pissed if they ever come out with an anthology or something.

So what do you think? As a collector, should I pick them up? Is it that unlikey they will ever be re-released?

Uh, they’re PS1 games, mang… they’re never getting re-released.

I also sincerely doubt there will ever be an anthology for these particular versions. Their shoddiness is due almost entirely due to hardware constraints, and since hardware constraints are no longer an issue, there’s really no reason to reproduce them aside from the two or three people in the world who would actually be curious enough to buy them.

Incidentally, between the two of them, XvSF is by far the worse. Even aside from the absence of tagging, there is so much dropped animation, and even the dropped animation can’t compensate for the atrocious slowdown. Anytime Ken does the shinryuken, or anytime Juggernaut is on screen, the game slows to a crawl. MvSF at least attempted to fix these problems: you can tag if both players use the same characters, the slowdown is almost entirely gone, and the animation (for what it’s worth) is acceptable, if far from perfect.

Nah, I meant like re-releases of good versions of the game. What I was saying is if that is going to happen, then there would really be no point on hunting them down. But being that I only have a ps2, dreamcast and xbox 360, the ps1 versions are the only home ports available for me.

This question will sound horribly dumb, but do you need a Japanese Saturn to play these two games? I read that they were only released on Saturn in Japan.

Unless you’re a masochist, you’ll never play them. And I doubt they’re worth anything, so there’s not much value in collecting them. Really, I wouldn’t bother.


You either need a Japanese Saturn, a modded American Saturn, or an American Saturn plus a 4-in-1 cartridge that includes both additional RAM and the region bypass.

Incidentally, as far as I can remember, the Saturn versions were either arcade perfect or damn close.

Saturn! Buy! Now!

Yea, but then I gotta equip it for imports and shit. There’s really no reason to own a Saturn besides these games.

But these games are a pretty damn good reason to own a Saturn.

A stock Saturn will do, as long as you pick up the 4-in-1 cartridge for it as well.


Or, if you’re really only interested in these games, a Japanese Saturn with a standalone RAM cart will do just fine.

I got a thread filled with dozens of games worth getting a Saturn for…cuz the current emus either aren’t 100% perfect or you need a supercomputer for the games to run perfectly.
…I want a Saturn that can run just about all the games T_T

you are not willing to pay anything more than $30 on these games for saturn

son back in the day i payed more than 150 dollars for my saturn import version of xmen vs street fighter

and i payed even more for my Marvel super heroes vs street fighter:sweat:

seriusly the saturn versions are the best home versions released so far:wink:

unfortunately, only the japanese folks were treated to them.

Yeah… trust me.

If you get XvsSF and MvsSF for the PS… you will be very disapointed. It is that awful.

super comboXXsuper comboXXsuper combo ftw

I know I am. I wish I never sold my Saturn off. :frowning:

How cheap do you think I can get a Saturn for with whatever I need to play imports?

Only positive thing those two PS versions have going for them is that they are somewhat rare, from a collectors stand point.

I remember when EBGames used to carry the Saturn import games. Wasn’t the price like $140 for XvSF?

i remembered when they were carrying imports. wow i feel old, but anyways the price for it was pretty steep then so i know its even more now.

if you find the ps1 ports for a decent price then just get it and then just add it to your collection i guess, but if want it to play those games competitively then those arent the ports to get. the import saturn is the way to go

from SMB:

To best answer your question directly, the answer is no. Don’t buy them.

The game is super laggy, the sound is horrible and you can only choose the same two characters as your opponent has chosen.

Trust us, there’s a lot of good games on the Saturn. If you’re willing to fork over $60-80.00 for some really shitty PS1 Vs. games, spend $40.00 on a Saturn and get it chipped for another $20.00. The games will cost you a little more than the PS1 versions (make sure you get a 4 MEG card - comes with XvsSF) and witness the joy of a near-perfect arcade port of two excellent games.

I actually do not recommend buying a Saturn 4-1 or another swappable card called an “ST-Key Action Replay” card because they wear out the rear horizontal port behind the disc drive. That happens then you’re screwed. NCSX will mod your Saturn for $20.00.

And for the record, I bought my import copy of XvsSF with the money I got from a refund on some x-mas presents I bought for a girlfriend that i was ready to dump anyways. It cost me $150.00, and I had to buy a fucking ST Key for another $50.00 to play it!

Alright, I just bout X-Men vs. SF for Saturn with 4mb ram for 28 bucks with shipping. I’m pretty stoked. Now all I need is that Saturn, haha.

Not bad for a rare game AND you get the 4MB cart with it. I got all of my stuff for free(minus the white Japanese Saturn I purchased last year). You should also invest in Cyberbots and Vampire Saviour. Excellent games as well.