Should I go ahead and get the Mad Catz TE?


I’ve read as many threads on here about it as I possibly can (including the HRAP SA vs TE one) but I want to get opinions on this point specifically. How crappy is the PCB? Since they’re on like the third shipment of sticks by now, has anyone encountered problems with newer versions?

I was reading the thread on malfunctioning anecdotes and it sounded bad but I realize that of course it’ll look like that if you gather everyone who’s had issues and put them in one spot (not that I’m doubting the veracity of those claims or anything).

So the “safe” option is to get the HRAP SA for $120, versus the $130 Mad Catz. Thing is - I really, really like the aesthetics on the TE. It’s worth finding out for certain.

One more thing: my PS3 is backwards compatible and the TE won’t work with PS1 and PS2 games while the HRAP will from my understanding. However, I don’t go to tournies or anything so I won’t mind playing Third Strike and CvSNK2 with a pad casually (since there’s no online like with PS3 fighters).


I’d get the HRAP SA if I were you.


I’d go with the SA as well. I have a TE and a modified HRAP3 and I like the HRAP better.


It comes down to personal preference if you’ve got it locked down to between the TE and the HRAP. Pick whichever you like.


If you want backwards compatibility you can go with the HRAP. But if you do buy a 360 TE stick, you can dual mod it with a cthulhu and it will play backwards compatible games on the PS3 as well.


You could dual mod a HRAP as well, don’t really see that being an advantage of a TE.


Why do you like it better?


They are both pretty high quality sticks there are not that many differences. The only question you should ask your self is if you really want to play BC games with it.


hey guys.

my moddet fs3 is broken.
trace pitch has broken from the board.

and now I want tot get a completly new one, without modding it.

but i dont know which one i should pick.

madcatz sf4 tournament edition, hori real arcade pro 3 (sa/se) or the Sega Virtua Stick High Grade??

which one is the best?

and very importent for me, which one has the best quality!!

it has to resist a few punches from me on the top. ^^


I like the look/layout of the TE - although I replaced the pcb with a MC Cthulhu.

Also: the TE does work with PS1 games played on PS3. Just not PS2.

You want to beat your stick up like a red-headed stepchild? I don’t think anyone would want to recommend anything for you, bub.


Haha. Punch the floor or even better yourself, but leave the stick out of it.


If you want to shell out a little extra money I’d recommend the Sega VSHG. Though it may be hard to find as well. But if you don’t need a stick right away you could find one in time. I think they look better than both the sticks you mentioned and also I think they have BC. (I don’t know my PS3 does not have BC nor do I have any PS1/PS2 games).

Check em out online, and I think has a review of all of these sticks if you aren’t already sick of reading reviews about sticks. I know I was before I finally purchased one of mine.


I sometimes bang the top of my stick when I get frustrated after missing a huge opportunity to land heavy damage in SF IV, so I can relate :lol:.

If you want full versatility with PS1,2 and 3 games then the HRAP3 : SA is your answer. I’d grab the TE only if you wanted to change the artwork easier and for the better looks. So your choices basically come down to either looks or functionality. Pick whichever matters the most to you.


thanks to digital and markmc83. :slight_smile:


I like the TE. Why? Well the buttons are one. I like the sensitive buttons. However, the stick is easy as hell to mod, so if you don’t like the buttons… swap 'em! The only thing I don’t like is the original plate in it , its a square (but still moves 8 ways, just not very comfortable to me). I switched it with an octagonal plate. It so far has been very reliable, and even me taking it apart several times it still works.

You can always go for the SE, but you’ll have to do some modding for sure. Hope this influences your decision.


what’s wrong with a ginger child? :stuck_out_tongue:


Welp, I went and got the TE. Oh yeah, and I saw the “Round 2” version RIGHT after I placed the order. Luckily I like the blood red of mine better. I’m not really caring about BC - I’m too busy practicing to play BlazBlue online to get really indepth with PS2 fighters that I’ll never be able to play anyone with.

Thanks, all.


Hope you enjoy your purchase!

I like how everyone says there are no differences between the sticks and it just comes down to preference.

I agree on the preference, but I also base the preference on the DIFFERENCES!


Just like how some people prefer the modded SE over the TE. Preference is never wrong. I’m pretty happy with my TE, but I’m exploring a modded SE with a JLF and PS buttons.


I was torn between the TE and SA but went with the TE mainly because I wanted to as accurately as possible reproduce the arcade setup for blazblue, which would mean the vewlix layout. After playing with it a bit (this is my first stick) I think it probably wouldn’t have mattered being rotated slightly like it is on the SA.

But the fact that HORI’s new HRAP takes several inspirations from the TE ought to tell you something… I read at least one article in Japanese saying they hoped MadCatz would sell the TE over there :slight_smile: