Should I go to court and testify?


Here’s a little background on the situation:

I’m from Baltimore, MD on the westside and I used to live on Garrison BLVD with my family. In January of last year I moved to Randallstown and I got my own place. It was a lot of fun being on my own too. The problem is I was a little too nice and basically invited all my friends over, let them crash, eat my food, chill and play games etc. etc.

I had one particular friend that I hung out with more than others. We always met up every morning and smoked big blunts together. If I didn’t have class I would practically hang out with him all day. I had known him for almost an entire year at this point so I trusted him a bit more than I probably should have. I say that because on April 6, 2015 my house was burglarized and he was responsible. He stole my PS4 (which I replaced) all the games I had for it and my beats pill XL. I couldn’t replace the beats pill XL because it got recalled when I finally got enough money to replace it.

I almost went against my better judgement and DIDN’T call the police because I didn’t want to be a “snitch”. Where I’m from contacting the local authorities for any reason is heavily frowned upon. But I thought about it…renters insurance requires a police report to be filed and I kinda needed the money, so I called the cops. They came to my apartment and asked me some questions. I tell them what was stolen and list all the games I had.

Then about a week later a detective called my cell phone and asked me more questions, and ask me did I have an address of the perpetrator. I told her I didn’t know, because I really didn’t. Then the next day she tells me to meet her at Mondawmin mall in front of the gamestop. I go there and we shake hands and introduce ourselves. After that, we walk into the gamestop and I see three of the games that were stolen. It was Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and The Evil Within.

I eventually told all my friends from my old neighborhood what happened and what’s going to happen. They’re all telling me not to testify in court and it’s bad enough I got the police involved. They told me I should have just rolled up on the nigga who did it and just beat the shit out of him, but I knew that would have been a bad idea. Now I got a court date for June 9th to actually testify against him. I kinda don’t wanna do it if it’s not going to get me my shit back. Because if I’m not going to get anything back I don’t see any point.

TL;DR: I was friends with a cruddy nigga. He broke in my house stole my ps4, the police finally caught his bitch ass and I have a court date on June 9th to testify against him. Should I do it or no?


The real question is…Why wouldn’t you do it?

edit : ohhhh your copy of TEW got stolen too huh? g’däääääääääääääääämn s000oooOOooN B-|


Do it. Why protect someone who violated your trust so he can steal from you? You known him for a year and all y’all did was smoke then you owe him nothing.


Seriously your friends are shit. You don’t owe this dude anything. He stole from you. Your dumbass spent money to replace what he stole. Then you take advice from scumbags who probably also stole shit from you because it would open the floodgates on them,

You reap what you sew. This dude came to your house and jacked you. Your “friends” came to your house and freeloaded because they think they have the right to.


Report this, get new friends

I never got this no snitching bullshit. But, hey if it worked for the catholic church and sandusky…

But even if you don’t get all your money back, he will be legally obligated to give you something. And hopefully the dude gets some jail time and community service.

Get new friends. Make sure they are polite and church going too.


This is a stupid mentality to have. You don’t see people refusing to testify against murderers because it won’t bring the victims back so “there’s no point”. If you somehow expect something other than this guy to be convicted and thrown in jail for committing a crime then you went to the wrong court. Go to civil court and sue him for that.

You do whatever you want, but this dude betrayed your trust and jacked your shit. If you don’t want him to go to jail for it because it won’t bring your stuff back, then you might want to think twice about even calling the cops at all if this happens to you again. Since if you’re not willing to follow through on having this matter handled, then just let anyone walk into your house and take your shit, since “there’s no point” of doing anything about it if you can’t get it back.


Did he now…? LOL


Seriously here’s what you get back. Your fucking balls since you apparently have no back bone. Piece of mind knowing this piece of shit pays his debt in jail.

Because fuck this dude.

Your friends said “commit assault and battery”

A worse crime against him. One that would put you away. That is some shit.

You have the worst mentality. This pos will get off and continue to rip people off because you facilitate it by showing there are no consequences.


You guys don’t understand where he’s coming from. He’s from the hood, and so he’s afraid that testifying in court will get him in deep shit that can possibly result in physical violence and/or death. I say it’s up to you, but just realize that you can be opening up a bigger can of worms than you realized if you actually go through with it. Best of luck to you.


Did you even read the post? I called the fuckin cops already…like last fucking year. You’re telling me to report it like it just happened. That’s the only reason I got money from renters insurance. Which covered the expenses of the PS4, the games, the headset and STILL left me with money in my pocket.

I still want the shit back that he stole though…because it’s mine.


I’m from a hood too and I never got behind the “snitch” bullshit as I don’t see the benefit of protecting people that deliberately wronged me. Running up at the nigga can potentially make things much worse for him and those involved. Testifying would be lesser evil here.


You’re not getting your shit back, you either go and try to lock him up, or you take the L and move on like nothing happened. There ain’t no other way around it.


I guess I’ll just go and try to have him locked up. He deserves some kind of punishment. If I can’t get my shit back then I don’t think I could just sit home on the court date and take the L. At the end of the day I really think it’s in my best interests to do it. Not only did I have to replace the PS4 out of my own pocket, it put a lot of stress on me mentally. I had a hard time trusting people, and it has severely impacted my ability to develop healthy relationships.

Deep down I know I can’t let him get off scott free. I will most likely go because the court sent the summons to my moms house (which is my address on file with the Baltimore Police Department) and my mom wants me to go because she wants his lil ass to go to prison.


I feel you, I wouldn’t trust anyone out of Mobtown either.


If you don’t show up, you will be found by police for missing a court date

Yeah you literally have no choice.

Plead your case. Say what you just said.

Worrying about street cred or what your shitty hoodlum friends think is dumb.

The fact that it took a couple of posts shitting on you to come to that conclusion is hilarious


Nigga mentality right here.

Fuck your friends to, are they gonna start a go fund me page for you and be the biggest and first donors? If not, fuck them you don’t need those kind of people in your life.


Either you don’t know what “out of pocket” means, or you can’t keep your story straight because it’s fabricated.


I paid for the PS4 out of pocket before I got the money from renters insurance. The money from the renters insurance DID cover the expenses. I could see why you would think that though. I should have specified that.

I wouldn’t even lie about something like this. I mean, who the fuck wants their house broken into? Who the fuck wants to go to court when they would rather be doing something else?


He stole your source of sfv?

This motherfucker deserves the death penalty


Yeah there’s definitely some nigga mentality going on here, but I understand where he’s coming from as I thought the same when I was younger (not an excuse). If you are doing this for your safety, then you would just be making a fool out of yourself by either missing court or lying under oath (both are no bueno), but could potentially be beneficial for your life. If you are doing this because you want to keep your hood friends, you are dumb and are better off going to court and giving those niggas a “fuck you” since they did you dirty for seemingly no reason (assuming your side of the story is true).

Pro tip: If your “niggas” talk about doing other people grimy for no reason, they WILL do it to you eventually. Easiest way to weed out the snakes is to think like one yourself…


I’m from the hood as well. And honestly that “stop snitching” bullshit is one of the key factors why the hood is the hood. But I’m not gonna get into that right now. You already called the police so people are gonna see you as a snitch regardless. So might as well not take any half measures and go all the way with it. Show that dude that the “stop snitching” code wont always save his ass and that he will have to face consequences for his dirt. Then if you have the money get the fuck outta there.