Should I go to evo2010

Hey whats up ever one?I am a ok player I belive.I took 3rd on ps3 and 4th on xbox 360 in street fighter 4 around my local area in cali and just wanted to know how fun is it to go to a big event like that and if I should even bother cause I seen some vids of plp and they look look like monster’s haha Thanx for the help.

The answer lies, in the heart of battle!

EDIT: Ok serious answer, while this is my first EVO, i been to a couple big tournaments. Imo, if you are serious about the game, go to EVO. If nothing else, it would be fun to socialize and make some friends there. While some say its all about winning, it doesn’t have to be…just enjoy your time there. I am sure you will have fun.

You are probably not going to win the tournament, but if I think it’s a great chance to meet new players, play some casual matches and learn in what areas you need to improve the most.

Thank you for the help.I know I would not win but I just wanted to know if its fun and if you can learn alot by going to this event.Thanx for helping me/Leting me know

no you shouldnt

Yes he should.

And he should MM you in 3S as well.

ok its official

Where in CA do you live? I’m “decent” in my area but I’m a stone’s throw away from NorCal’s finest, and there isn’t a chance I’d compete on their level anytime soon. So I guess it depends on what you’re expecting of yourself.

If you want to make friends and new contacts for decent online casuals, get drunk/make bets and see some amazing matches, then go to evo.

If your main objective is to compete at a serious level, start small. If you’re close enough you should come to NCR in May. :stuck_out_tongue: There will be beasts there, but there will be a lot of scrubs to smash down as well.

Don’t waste your money to go to EVO. Evo is a great event, and don’t get me wrong, I love to support the community. However, there are many other majors you’d want to attend instead. You see, EVO is pretty serious. If you aren’t gonna have fun doin regular stuff in Vegas, you prolly aint gonna have fun at EVO.

Some majors like Final Round have a huge party atmosphere, make friends, laid back, smoke, drink, play casuals all day, then participate in the tournament. EVO is a tournament you go to to prove a point.

Ummm…have you been to EVO?

Yeah, there will certainly be no partying going on in Vegas.

that was just wrong lol:rofl:. way to scare him into not going LMAO!!!

Oh I’m sure there will be lots of partying. But all the stuff in Vegas doesn’t appeal to me. And if you read my post, notice that if you don’t like Vegas, you not gonna like EVO, IMO. Because my experiences have been quite different.

im going and it will be my 3rd tournament, but my BIG ASS first MAJOR world tournament. im decent to compete in the tournament level, i had anxiety i might not win, but at least to get past a first or second round. but like TBird Said its great to meet new people and socialize in something you like. that one of the reasons why im going to at least get my name out there and meet people. i hope.

The only thing about EVO, is the price.

Evo is extremely expensive, so unless you just got MOney to bloowww, you aren’t getting in.
Another big tournament is GAMME, and its infinitely cheaper, but you live in California, gamme is in florida SOOOOOOO, I dunno. But what I do know is that GAMME will have a lot of major players there from Japan and from our own home country, so it will be almost the same.

'cept minus all the fun.

I thought you hated srk?


I live in fresno area.If any of you know where that is.Yeah I want to go down there to have a good time and party and try my luck at the EVO and hope to learn new stuff cause its kind of boreing playing the same plp that dont want to get better and as far as playing on the net I cant cause I live out in the country side and even with the best net and ever thing working good It still felt a little lag and kind of hard to time the frame.Thank you to ever one for all your help and letting me know what may happen if I go.