Should i just get another stick or duo mod it?

well i got a TE rd2 for the PS3 but i notice (other than EVO) most people in general compete on the Xbox360 console. but of course, everyone wants to use their own stick when competing. sticks arent cheap yet, im not sure if making a Dual Mod stick is something i wanna try to do cuz if i damage any part, that itself would probably be worth the cost of another stick to repair.

You can never have enough sticks.

Buy another stick

They’re on sale right now

Get another. It’s a lot harder to dual mod a PS3>360 stick than the other way around. Totally possible, just harder.

I’m personally a fan of dual modding, with dual modding you get accustomed to one stick and you know the feel of it, yes I know all TE’s are built exactly the same, but as we all know, there are some sticks that are more worn out then others and when you use it, it doesn’t feel “right” compared to what you’re normally used to.

The cost of dual modding (if you get it done by someone else) is very close to the price of a new stick, the advantage of a dual mod is no matter where you go, be it at a tournament or at a friends place, you’ll know that a dual modded stick will always work.

Sell your PS3 stick, buy a new $100.00 Xbox360 stick, and have it not only dual modded, but put a MC in it so you can play on ps2 gamecube/wii and so forth.

I think strogg has the best advice. Plus I heard the MC Cthulhu is better with PS2 games on PS3 (if the latter supports emulation).

I was in the opposite boat as you, TC. I have a 360 stick, but all my friends play on PS3s and all the local tourneys are on PS3s. For the first few runs, I would carry my 360 TE, my PS3 SE, my PS2 pad, and a gamecube pad. This is NOT fun!

I broke down and sent my 360 stick to be dual modded. I suggest you get your stick dual modded as well. Your shoulders will thank you.