Should I just get the season pass?


I’ve been thinking about it and while it’s be nice to save up the fight money, the amount you get for doing things seems a little too small (50k for doing story mode, only 1k for leveling up) and was thinking that maybe I should just buy it? I mean stages and costumes come with it so would this technically be killing two birds with a stone? Or are they gonna lower the prices?


Only one stage comes with it


Oh. I mean it’s better than nothing?


You get the 6 characters the premium costume only for them and the one stage , if you think its worth it then go for it, i did it just because i hate grinding, i regret it though as I’m kinf of regretting alot of things regarding this game lately


If you are going to use at least 2 of the 6 then it’s worth it. Plus you don’t know what other goodies Capcom plans to give away to season pass holders down the line.

There will probably be bundles or ‘sales’ next year if you can wait.


Not sure but I am pretty sure you can unlock everything without paying, if you get I’d get a gray market key their cheaper and the more reputable ones are guaranteed.


Don’t waste your money.

I did it and I’m sorely regretting it.


Buy it for sure, if you ask me. It’s all awfully overpriced otherwise, so with the season pass you get a whopping 6 characters and each with an extra costume for virtually nothing compared to the price for purchasing everything individually. Go for it…


Personally I wouldn’t buy it. I bought it for the sole reason of practising against the new characters, but after having a think I could have just theory crafted between the frame data and online opponents anyway.

I’ve made my thoughts clear on these things. In theory the season pass is great value and worth it if you want access to all the items and characters - but thats the thing - you don’t get access to all items and Capcom are taking everybody on a grand ride for $$$ to keep them afloat. If you wanted to get everything in the game as it stands, you would have to spend around twice the price of a game - this game doesn’t have enough content for one game let alone two.

If they had made the initial price of the game cheaper this model would make sense, but at this point it’s stepping into scam territory for me. Others can disagree and have, if you think the content in this game is worth $150 plus dollars then that’s your choice and all the best if that’s how you want to spend your money.


Alrighty, thanks everyone. I’m probably just gonna save up a bunch of fight money to buy Urien and Juri and wait for the season pass to miraculously go on sale to buy the rest. I’m honestly gonna buy the season 2 though I mean come on look at it


Sometime next year they will probably offer S1 and S2, all the stages and then some as part of a repackaged deal. If you hold out til then, you can probably buy it all lump sum.

Although I doubt they will offer the premium stuff as part of the deal. It’s demeaning to those that purchased it in the beginning.


dont support crapcom by buying the dlc bs. wait a few weeks and get kof


“Crapcom”? If you’re going that route then maybe you should butt right on out of the SFV forums? :angry:

I’ve bought every DLC including the soundtrack and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my contribution to Capcom and the SF-franchise. Fuck you…


It’s not like they are making smart decisions, they could of finished the game before releasing. Or have enough content to warrant DLC. But no restrain criticism let them die a slow death and cringe when EA buys up their IP.


its not worth it at all!
at least when you dont plan to play all of em regulary. and even then its just worth it when you plan to use the premium costumes for em.
just get the ones you like with fightmoney.

as far as i know you can create as many accounts as you want on the ps4 so just use them to test out the other chars and get just the ones you like for your main account.
so dont touch your fightmoney on your main account. create a new cfn id, go trough story and stuff which gives you fm the fastest way and buy the dlc chars which you want to test out. rinse and repeat till you are done with all of em.


Just stop posting if you’re going to claim nonsense like EA buying SF…

Good bye! :angry:


Not buying it sends a clear message to developers about DLC especially for a fighting game. I’d rather have them make 4-5 iterations of the game with all characters available… DLC fighters are beyond retarded.


Different iterations of the same game spread the community too much.
A single game with updates is the way to go nowadays


So pissed that it doesnt come with all stages. Not worth it, but maybe juri can change that.


This isn’t mentioned in the season pass description, but it also comes with 1 exclusive title for each dlc character.