Should I just give up?


EDIT: No I shouldn’t, this game is awesome

I’ve now played over 2000 ranked matches and I am still ass at this game.
I spend at least 30 mins in the training room every night before about 2hrs of online.
In the training room and arcade mode, I like to think I’m a decent player. I hit one frame links with ~90% accuracy, can do anti-airs, tick throws, option selects really consistently. I’ve double perfected seth on the hardest difficulty.
The problem comes when I go online. I just panic, even after 2000 games. I get incredibly nervous, sometimes I have to just stop playing because my hands are shaking uncontrollably when I’m about to win. Is there anything I can do? I used to enjoy this game but now it just makes me angry and upset. I’m just sick over getting bodied over and over…


Are you not having fun playing this game anymore? If the answer is yes, play something you think you’d like better.

Looking at what you wrote, you don’t sound like you’re all that thrilled with SF right now.


Think about it, pitty party aside, you play because you effing love this game, you’ve got execution and online is not a good measure of if you’re good or not. Play locals, travel, mix it up, but I lose more than 50% of the matches I play and I keep investing time and money (sticks, new editions of sf/mvc/anime fighters) and I wouldn’t change a thing.

buck up and get back on the sticks and get in there.


So I just picked up sakura shortly after posting this topic, and it’s like a new lease of life for this game. I think it’s due to the fact that i’ve never mained a rushdown character before and I’m loving this game again.
Also, I’ve been trying to concentrate on other things in the match like reading the opponent and spacing, and while concentrating on these things, I kinda just do all my execution from muscle memory without thinking about it, so I definitely recommend this for all players who drop combos online a lot.


From what you wrote it doesn’t seem like you play fighting games for fun. Give it a break then come back to it.


Oh sorry, that post was supposed to show that i’m having so much fun playing sak :slight_smile:
I don’t think i’ve ever enjoyed the game this much


M Bison did the same thing for me in AE. Just needed someone that played footsies easily so I could pick it up faster.