Should i keep my square gate or swap it for a octo gate...?

im getting use to the square gate, its a not big deal but sometimes i mess up on the fireball motion and miss 1 or 2 out of 10 fireballs, which can be costly if ur in a fireball wars lol. ex. sagat vs sagat. but yea wat do you all think, square or octo?

Got an octo gate ordered, but going to try the JLF Ultimate mod and see how that works with a square. I have played HAPP pretty much all my life so the square gate is still new and I find myself riding the edge far too much and missing my qcf movements.

I ordered a octo gate too, but I want to try the square gate first before I put it on.

I am used to HAPP style sticks.

Eventually, you’ll get used to the square gate and it will be easier for you to do motions. It’s just a matter of taking time and getting used to it.

It’s personal preference. I tried out the square gate for a while but eventually ended up switching to the octogate.

personal preference indeed.

had a hard time getting used to the square gate at first, so i tried out an octo. within a week i was back to the square gate.