Should I Keep or sell my SE Madcatz?

I’ve two stick,hori ex2 and a SE.
I play much better with ex2 than SE,so i use always it…
and now i’m just thinking of selling the SE…
i play very rarely in two,so what do u suggest me?
should i keep the SE for backup(and it’s very reliable with new parts) or sell it (70?)?


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hey,this isn’t a tech talk,it’s just a sugget request.
ok,it’s already moved… :smiley:

Pretend you don’t have the SE right now:

I’m offering you the following choice: A slightly used Madcatz SE or 70 – which do you want?

I’d just sell the EX2 and with the spare money buy parts to upgrade the Madcatz SE. You should still have a bit of cash left over from selling the EX2 and upgrading the SE stick.

It’s harder to mod an EX2 then it is to mod an SE stick. Modified stick >>> Un-Modified stick.

very good question…i’ll reflect on this…

my ex2 has sanwa buttons and the stick is ok,indeed i feel it better than SE stick,so it’s not as bad for me…but it’s right that SE it’s very easy to upgrade…very hard decision :S

If it already has sanwa buttons I don’t see any real point in upgrading to the SE (plus modding), unless you find the need for a JLF to be worth the extra 70.

strangely enough I’ve noticed the same thing.

I was using an SE for a while, then got a cheap ($25) EX2 through CL, and noticed that the hori had a better ‘feel’.

Tested it out and was able to pull off Gouken’s lvl4 hard trial on the EX2 but not the SE.

The EX2 is a bitch to mod, though…

The only real problem I had with modding my Wii Hori Stick (same thing, basically), was the metal plate on the back. The whole process can really be done in under an hour with the exception of grinding that thing down so the JLF doesn’t scratch. Man that was a pain.

so i’m not crazy…
and have u sold the SE or you’ll keep it?

I’d say your best bet is to sell the EX2, since itll bring in good cash with the sanwa buttons and just mod out your SE.

i’ve decided,i keep it for backup of my ex2.

If you ever do decide to upgrade the stick to a sanwa , just make sure you move the buttons to the SE, its dead easy to drop a stick in it, as opposed to the work required for the Hori.

the work for the Hori isn’t that hard, its just not as braindead easy as it is on the SE.

good choice.

since your ex2 has Sanwa buttons in it maybe you can try to mod that with a JLF instead of the SE.