Should I keep playing with a controller? (Also fight stick suggestions)

I currently do not have the funds to buy a fight stick and the cheaper one I was looking at is sold out. So should I continue playing with a controller till I get a fight stick or will it hurt me when I move to the fight stick? Any suggestions for ones under $100 for PS4?

I dont see learning on pad first as being a problem.
I can do just fine with a 360 pad as a stick, but I’ve been playing since SF2 in the arcades.
You may have some issues depending on layout like using all 3xp or kick for ex’ing moves. Or using Gief and trying to use a 3P to EX but then do a lariat.
But once you get a stick you should be able to adapt over to that since its very different.

I prefered my older Dreamcast stick I modded since it only has 6 buttons on the top and a wider gap between stick and buttons.
But buttons are going bad so I switched back to a TE. I find the stick and buttons too close. And it has 8 buttons so I find myself resting on the last 6 instead of the first 6. But even that only takes a few hours to adjust to.

There are cheap PS3 sticks you can use in the interim that will work as legacy controllers for SFV. This thread has some info on it what is known to work.

I’m not sure on how well received this stick is, but you can usually find a used Injustice stick on eBay for around $30. If you want better parts you can spend another $30-$40 on a new joystick and buttons for it. I plugged one in as a controller 2 and everything works fine. It’s probably not a great long term solution, but it’s affordable enough to be viable now.

Pad players unite!!! I will admit the curvature and size of ps4 circular analog gate feels slightly tighter than ps3 controller, as I seem to have difficulty doing Supers on player 2 side of screen where as in sf4 it was baby stuff. But I’ve adapted my movements and although I have to do double qcf weirdly, i don’t mind. Of course, I can also just buy a stick too. But ehhh!

So if you can make it work, go for it.

I use both so I’m used to both but it’s easy to transfer from one to the other if you muscle memory it.
the thumb and hands move the same area but you have more control generally for fighting games imo buuuuut a pad can do everything too just faster but less accurate as a result.

Won’t make you any better. under 200$ yes for ps4/xone, under 100 is pc/last gen territory.

[altho onyx found some ps3 sticks that is supported in that link]

Now I suck at Street fighter, but I CAN NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME play on a pad. I had to upgrade to a stick.

The only downside to this; go to a house party or something, no Fight sticks, and people just roll you…

Do what I did.

Go to gamestops, ask them if they have any 360 madcatz wwe sticks or whatever. like $40.

Then just order a semitsu stick, and sanwa buttons. The Box is solid and has good weight. Then you can peel off the stupid wwe sticker.

Go to FedEx Kinkos, bring in an image, and have a custom lamnilabel made, stick that on. Good to go with a Tournament ready stick.

Get the Venom fightstick.

i heard these are like the last gen SE sticks? Cheaper and easy to mod with quality parts

ive ordered a brooks 360/Xbone to Ps4 adapter for my TE round 2. i cant for the life of me do combos involving crouching light attacks into shoryuken type moves on the ps4 pad

Won’t break the bank and I find it works fine. But I’ve had $50 Chinese ones I thought were fine. LOL.

I’ve got a Venom, and I love it.

I got mine for $110 shipped, new. PS4 native, and I was fine with the stock parts – They aren’t that bad. I upgraded to Seimitsu stick/buttons and a bat top for the feel I was used to as a kid, but you could totally use it stock.

i feel like i’ve reached a ceiling with the d-pads. with over-reliance on the thumb doing everything it gets tiring fast and i loose consistency as a result.

OP can try out the Hori fight stick mini 4, which is a budget entry level stick, it costs less than 50 bucks if i recall.

To branch off OP and pose a similar question, is a game pad fine for learning and practicing Bison? I find myself using only the D-Pad, not really having to switch between it and the stick (registration feels the same but slower anyways) for combos.

From my experience with controls in general, not just fighters mind you, whatever works for you is usually best. Lots of people play on either and are successful to the best of my knowledge. I’d only recommend swapping controls if you feel your execution is being hampered by the tool you’re using.

with gamepads you can do some pretty advanced shit but literally mashing.
I could actually do cammy’s sf4 ball cancel into dp kick cancel into ultra, just by mashing that shit.

Can’t do it like that on stick gotta be accurate and not all over the place but since it’s bigger it’s easier to be more precise which is tradeoff.

It’s true you can mash the moves but the amount of times I’ve activated spiral arrow instead the anti air version and vice versa on pad is annoying

This is SFV so all motions are reliable and easy on both pad and stick. The choice is yours, whatever feels most comfortable is the one you should use

play controller and save up for a stick.