Should I listen to this kid and buy MGS: Peace Walker?


Marcus Rivers does MGS: Peace Walker

I’m only a casual MGS fan, but 40+ hours on a portable game? Goodbye books!


Oh god. I feel like we are in the 90s all over again.

Video doesn’t lie though. I’m on a break from it, after 80 hours. It’s really just a lot of repetition. It’s not like 40 hours of new shit like in say an RPG.

And if you are serious, we already have a thread.


The game has just as much grinding as a Metal Gear Acid game. Just without the cards.


Ah, thanks for the heads up. I just tore through the demo and it’s still sounding up my alley so Imma go for it.


dear srk,

what color shirt should i wear today?


Olive green.