Should I main Ibuki or Sakura?

I pretty much mastered Ibuki in 3rd Strike. She is my favorite and by far the funnest one to play with but moving to SSF4 AE I’m not sure. If I play Ibuki I’m fear my execution in 3rd strike will get screwed up and I wanna try something new. So what do you think should I stick with my home girl Ibuki or move to Sakura. Btw tier doesn’t matter to me. I just play with fighters I like.

Both are great. I’ve seen an Ibuki beat Daigo and a Sakura beat Infiltration so you’re in the clear as far as tiers go.

I think you should continue to play 3rd Strike Ibuki and leave SSF4 AE to the pros.

Oh I’m sorry I thought that Evo moment #37 was preformed by a pro by the the name of Daigo who might I add plays SSF4 AE I didn’t asked to be trolled… -____-

I think you should continue to play CvS2 Sakura and leave SSF4 AE to the pros.

Futago, you should leave SSF4 AE to the pros like chubbyfingerz. You wouldn’t want his chubby fingerz getting all up in your homegirl Ibuki now do you? (That one will be called Evo moment #69 ppv edition.)