Should I Make a Hobby Site/Forum?

I’ve only been hanging out in SRK’s Tech Forum for a couple of weeks now, and that was just to find info on custom joysticks.

I am just amazed by how knowledgeable everyone is here. You guys do it all… From woodcraft, painting, modding electronics and joysticks, metalwork, etc.

I swear, I am so inspired by some of the things you guys do. I definitely want to learn how to become good at a lot of this stuff. I am thinking of making a site (mainly forums) devoted to bringing interested people together to learn these arts and practice them as hobbies. People can receive peer to peer help and showcase their creations. I’m thinking it would be cool to make the forums into a marketplace similar to SRK forum’s Trading Outlet.

Aside from the aforementioned arts listed above, I’d like to add more things like web design, graphics design, 3D design, programming, game design, music composition, drawing, PC modding, car modding and tons more subjects. Every subject will have it’s own unique forum. It’ll be a big forum that’s open for exploration to those that want to delve into new activities and hobbies.

I just wanted to see if I could get a show of hands here who would be interested in participating and contributing to this kind of project? And if you guys had any comments and suggestions?


Usually when you make a successful forum you have to find an under-served community where nothing or little exists. Most of those other activities listed already have websites and strong communities centered around them. I fear that you would set up a website with no real focus and diverging interests it might not find it’s community.

Shoryuken for example serves the community where everything is 2d fighting related (some 3d but not the focus). Just something to think about.