Should I make a new mvc2 low tier combo video?

Does anyone really care? I got some new tricks and a bad ass new character I want to show you all. I got the perfect song and some really nice stuff to go with the vid if you ask me it may show you some stuff you never thought possible with this character, a character that many people probably would consider a bottom stringer.

If you guys want to see it and my friend is gracious enough to let me use his equipment it’s on like donkey kong.

Even though I’m not a mvc-player I would appreciate it. Especially if Ruby Hart is in it.

Make it. Is it Ruby Hart?

Go for it. Anything new Marvel is a good thing.

Hope it won’t kill interest, I kind of wanted to keep it a secret, it’s not ruby heart though it’s someone who has hardly seen any play at all.

:encore: :encore: :encore:

I think you should make it. :tup: I definitely wanna see it when its finished. :karate:

do it since its a barely played character this should be interesting

Should I just say the character and song (i think it fits really well)? I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. Unless something happens it should be done pretty soon actually I should be recording the video next friday.

Yeah next friday, i dont have school. So you can edit it on weekend and you should have it done by 4th of July. Naw, dont tell what chacter it is, i already know tought, and that character IS GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

make more vids, I’ll watch them all.

I would love to see this vid of yours

What does Marrow have that’s new? And yes bad to the bone would be a good song. :razz:

Sorry not marrow :razzy:, let’s just say it would be really funny if I ever got to play Joe Zaza.

Bet it’s Amingo.

Doesn’t get much play means anyone other than big four and assists.

If its Roll you better have some new variations of her grab loop in there.

No it isn’t roll or amingo, even amingo gets more love. It’s not servbot either or dan. This character is still considered a bottom stringer and this character gets less love than alot of low tiers.

Damn, now you got me thinkin… I hate you, Marvel!! :badboy:


nope, lol i think just by how many guesses it’s taking maybe it shows a little bit of how little love this char gets

It’s a marvel character