Should I make the switch to stick?


I know this is a question that is asked a lot however my reasoning isn’t for will it make me play better it’s more of the question of will it make me play longer. See the thing is SFV is the first fighting game i’ve actually invested time in trying to learn. The problem I am having on pad is that after 20 mins of training mode or even 3 matches against a player online my thumbs start to hurt and feel stiff which is uncomfortable and hinders my execution. And also I have problems inputting QCB x2 on the left side which hurts especially since at the moment I am playing mika. A friend of mine told me I should transition to stick and see if that helps but i figured I’d ask the opinion of persons more experienced in this area first.


inputting QCB x2 on the left side have always been my problem with pad nothing else.


it could be you need to find the right pad for you.

honestly my recommendation is to learn stick and never go back.

i think people who would say “but being on stick doesn’t mean you’d avoid the same comfort or input issues” are lying to fight the pad is just as good as stick war. in my opinion, even a quality entry level stick should be perfectly accurate and comfortable. plus sticks will give you that great arcade feel…sure it’ll be a transition but i’m thinking you’d really like stick once you get accustomed to them. and they will probably never let you down. let’s face it, yes pads are on the rise (so are easy games). but honestly what do you see actual pro fg players using most often when you watch them on streams and what not?

by the way, i use a pad but my case is different. i only have 1 hand, but i’d use a stick if i had 2 hands. luckily my nub basically turns any d pad into an arcade stick.


I play both but have switched mostly to pad so I don’t wake up my wife and baby. If you are the type of person who is hurting them selves with a pad you will also be the one who will hurt themselves with a stick. I play 3-6 hours every day and don;t have any issues with my thumbs hurting. Ty either easing up on your inputs or try a pad like the Hori which isn’t as stiff as the stock DS4 (and will be tournament legal at tournaments since its wired_


I read that a lot from people that are parents… are you guys living in a studio or something? If they are in the bedroom and you’re in the living room, the arcade stick shouldn’t be so loud as to wake them up. I don’t know…


I’ve heard if you put a cloth over the directional pads, it makes it easier on your thumbs. You could also always just man up and develop callouses on your thumbs. Haven’t you ever played a stringed instrument before? That shit hurts when you first start playing after a long time, but eventually it just goes away as you get callouses on your fingertips.

As for learning a stick, it couldn’t hurt. I primarily use a stick, but it will take a while to learn. This will generate its own frustrations as you won’t be able to do things you were able to do on pad on stick for a while.


get yourself a hitbox instead.
as long as you dont play to play a 360char its the better option.


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You just have to practice and get used to it
The same will happen to you if you play stick
Your wrist and hand will feel uncomfortable until you just keep playing and get it used to the motions

guitar newbs dont stop learning guitar because their fingers start to hurt

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actually a hitbox is just fine for360 characters. Street Fighter 4 and 5 will accept left-right-down-up as a valid input for 360 moves. When you are playing footsies you are already going back and forth a lot, then all you gotta hit is down-up to finish it


its still easyer with a stick. especially giefs super/ca motions.


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Nah once you grind the motion into Muscle memory you can do it much faster on hitbox since the motion from either side would be 4268426+p or the reverse and you can hit 8 with either thumb