Should I make video 5?

I had been using the fact that the s-video input on my capture card broke as an excuse to not work on it, but should I even bother? I need a new capture device for work, anyway, so I can’t use that excuse much longer.

I still have some stuff that hasn’t been seen in a video yet, but it’ll mostly look pretty simple compared to stuff like KYSG’s recent works. I don’t even think the hypothetical video 5 would be as good as video 4, so it might be better to have gone out on a high note.

Not looking to stroke my ego or fishing for compliments or anything like that. I genuinely want to know if enough people would be entertained by another video in my style to warrant the time/effort involved in producing it.

Do it!


What the fuck is a Chinese Downhill?


Yeah what the hell. whos gonna be helping you on this vid should you decide to make it.


of course you should!

heck, i wanna see some of the stupid stuff we were talkin about when #5 was just a concept. well, it’s still a concept, but you know what i mean :lol:.

go, Go, GO!!!


As long as it’s actually released on schedule, I’ll be happy. :tup:


Yes, release a new fucking video goddamnit.

You know I’ll help out if I find anything else weird that I haven’t already told you about.

i think you should DEFINATELY make another video

are you still gonna stick to the no stun basics? no system direction is a given, mos’def, but some stun combos are pretty entertaining. or stupid :lol:.

everyone’s pretty much in agreement, Slim. produce #5!!!


dude KYSG is beasting !!

if u want to make a video ! HURRY BEFORE HE MADE ALL OF THE 20 CAST !

there is no end of new combo in 3s …

and BRING in THE classics !! 2i and Ng !yay!

You don’t want to see what I’d do with stun. Hell, I still don’t want to do combos on Q.

do it slimx!!! i can’t wait to see your new work!! c’mon guy!! just do it!!

just do it before everything you got has been shown by others …

stun combos ?? naahh …

dude oro’s EX-sa3 combo on Q , i’m sure you could figure it out , and it is old. there’s a vid of it , but it was extinct .
i’m sure you’ve seen it …

I’d like to see it. Bonus points for combos done on Chun-Li, who deserves death.

I’d love to see another movie by you.

Alrighty. I’ll order the new capture device and get to work on it soon. Thongboy has to take everyone out for pizza if I finish my video first.



None of that CiCi’s crap, or Domino’s. Mazzio’s or Pinoccio’s would do the trick.

thongboy what happened to my vids?

Okay, I guess I’ll be the first to say it:
Where are your old videos located?

I have seen the one with the guy on a pole swinging reverse summersault beating up all kinds of people (making fun of an old fighitng movie, I’m pretty sure).