Should I mod a HRAP3 or MadCatz stick with a LS-56?


which should I choose?
and how exactly do I mod the ls-56 on a madcatz stick, yes i’ve used the search function but I cant find anything.


MadCatz stick with a LS-56: You’ll need a Seimitsu MS mounting plate.

Not sure about the HRAP3. Height would be my main concern as the LS-56 likes to be flush mounted.


In the HRAP 3, install LS-56-01 with the default VF Mounting Plate.
In the Mad Catz, install LS-56-01 with default VF Mounting Plate swapped for MS Mounting Plate.


so are you seggesting I get the Hori?


Or spend $3 on a mounting plate.


got ya, thanks kube, jdm and kiki.