Should I mod my stick?


I just got a Hori Soul Calibur 5 Arcade stick, and the button layout is standard for Soul Calibur, not Street fighter. I find this rather annoying even while navigating menus, so I would like to change it. Therefore, I have 2 questions. 1) Will opening this stick and popping out the buttons void my warranty? (The warranty sticker is on the bottom, not the top). and 2) Would this be easy to do if it is my first time ever opening up an arcade stick? (what are the chances that I would break something?)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I would be opening the top of the stick, therefore not touching the warranty sticker


you can open it up just fine, its easy enough to do that. just be careful with the quick disconnects and you’ll be fine


you have the new SC5. The layout is perfect for SF actually. I didn’t have to change any of the buttons. The SC5 stick by Madcatz on the other hand uses the SC5 layout. It does void the warranty, and you don’t have to pop off the buttons to change it. Just change the wiring.


Well, I figured if I was going to open it up I would move the buttons around, because I have the xbox version so the ABXY buttons are colored and I want them to be correct. OCD i guess. Also I’m not sure if we are talking about the same stick, this is the one I am talking about.


yes, that’s the one I own. Well besides from it being the PS3 version lol. I guess they changed the button layout on the 360. I understand about the OCD thing, i would change the buttons myself.


I think all of hori’s sticks lately have had the four in a row set up on the 360.


If you play SF4, then set your buttons to “Arcade Stick” in the config options. It’s an extra step for anyone who gets a joystick like this, as Hori seems to like doing things with “Arcade” settings in-mind. If it does bug you though, you can change it to the base “Controller” layout (which madcatz uses) with swapping around the quick connects. If the color scheme bothers you, and you want to match x360 controller scheme, just move around the left 6 buttons to the correct colors and of course move around the quick connects accordingly.