Should i play DOTA (quit SF IV)?

Ever since getting my hands on SF IV, i have literally stopped playing DOTA. After a few weeks on the game, seems like i am stuck to a level where i am consistently losing to decent players including of course those higher level ones.
Furthermore there are more and more people using less traditional characters like Abel, Dhalsim, Bison… that dent my competitiveness further.

Sighz… maybe i should switch back to DOTA… btw i’m 32 now :sweat: does age affect reflexivity a lot ? I also cant hold my nerve as well. :wink:


What is DOTA?

It’s a customised scenario in warcraft (Defense of the Ancients).

you never quit dota, dota quits you.

play both…

gaming serious business. it’s not a fulltime job ffs

It depends on how much you love anime.

What? I thought people stopped playing that game ages ago?

Anyways, don’t quit SFIV. Just hang on, it’s not like you’re going to become Daigo in a span of a week. You win some, you lose some. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll be a pro in time.

I don’t believe you

There will never be another Daigo :confused:


Crack-Cocain, just say no. Damn, were’s my disc, I need a hit


I encourage you to stop playing SFIV.

If you don’t enjoy it sir, don’t force yourself. That’s all there is to it really.

Also, if you could mail your copy of SFIV to the address I’m pm’ing, I’d most appreciate it; and if you could add the console, even better.

I’m not sure but please keep us all posted on what you decide. Maybe make a new thread when you have a decision.

yeah DOTA

whatever that is

i really wanna say just quit but I’ll be the nice guy in this thread.

I’ve never played dota but i assume if your good at it it wasn’t easy to get there. why would you expect it to be easy to get there with SF? everyone gets doubt and the only difference IMO between the best players and the people that quit when it gets hard is just that, they didn’t quit when it got hard.

Ehhh, DoTA is boring now anyway. 6.60 better throw in something more than tauren chieftan.

go play dota and delete your srk account