Should I play ranked matches if Im a online warrior?


I have nobody to play offline, so I have to go online but I hate ranked matches because of lag. So I usually play player matches and most of the time when I play anybody good it lags. I have friends that are good but they dont play all the time. When I do ranked matches I just get beat by scrubs but rarely experience lag. So should I just continue to play ranked matches?


Lol@the title?

Also, why ask us? You should be asking yourself. If you truly enjoy playing online then continue doing so, if you don’t enjoy it and are always frustrated don’t play online. It’s all up to you.



How am I supposed to get good if I cant play anybody offline or online? lol@your comment.


Simulate scenarios in training mode. There’s online/offline matchmaking threads. Double check to see if you actually have a scene nearby. If you’re an hour away from a gathering then you have competition.


Ive tried all of those except the training thing and alot of people on PSN matchmaking threads dont even live in my region.


I’d advise against ranked matches in a fighting game. in my experience the best players usually all know each other and level up with each other in friendlies. find them and become friends with them and run sets.

ranked can work, but 99% of ranked players are wasting your time


I have no one to play against offline, but thankfully my internet is good enough that I can play some people that are good at the game. (shoutouts to Dragoomba)


Long Sets >>> Single Games


Only for meeting people, friend the people that have the good connections then play player matches with them.


This right here, and my advise is to friend anybody you run into that has good connection. They’re rare, but they are out there.


I try to message anyone I fight against who beat me, or I had a close match with and has a good connection and ask them to spar in friendly matches.


Sorry, I saw the title again and I laughed, it truly is amazing. But yeah, you should if you call yourself an online warrior. Unless you care too much about your rank, then stick to lobbies and player matches.