Should I play?

Hey guys, I’m new to SRK and pretty new to fighting games, so hello! At the moment I’m learning SSFIV on a stick, and there’s a tournament coming up later today at a local gaming place. I know the basics, but I’m still very much a noob. My question is it worth going, or should I keep practicing online until I feel comfortable enough with my skills to play in front of people?

Go ahead, it’s a good experience. At least with real people you can ask after the match what they think you did wrong and you can play casuals after.

Just play your ass off man. It doesn’t matter if you get destroyed, as long as you have fun. Because quite frankly, SSF4 is quite boring to me now. If I were to go to a tournament, win or lose, I would not enjoy myself.

go ahead & enter the tourney. Have fun/make some friends/learn from your mistakes.

Having fun with the game is one of the biggest keys to your individual success in that game. As long as you are having fun than getting better just comes with play time.

Thanks for all the feedback and support guys! Looks like I’ll be heading out there tonight, haha. I’ll report back once I take my whomping, and let you know how it went :).

Sounds like fun

Yea i went to a tournament walked an hour and 15 mins only got to play one match of ssf before i had to leave but i got to play 3rd strike i got to play up angst some awesome players i learned alot of new tricks and had a blast so yea always go if you got a chance

how did you do? Did you have fun? Did you make some friends(that you can play with at the arcade/online/offline)?