Should I purchase the BradyGames official strategy guide?

It seems like you can still easily find the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames being sold on and other stores. Was it made by the same people who wrote the Street Fighter Anniversary guide? I have that one and it’s really great.

This Alpha Anthology guide is about $15 to purchase from where I am. I want to buy it because I’ve always sucked at Alpha and it’s one of the games I also loved to play (weird eh?). Hopefully it’ll help me with some move sets to finally play with.

So is this guide a good investment and is it as well written as the anniversary guide?

Get it.

SFAA, SFAC, & CFE guides are all worth buying.

Yeah Kamui did a god job on those (and the other guy)

I love this guide, It has general strats for all the charachters, advanced tricks, most popular vc’s,customs, and comboes, recommended ism/(s) with explanations why, A thorough overview of each Alpha games mechanics, overview of each ism, How to do crouch cancels,otg’s . Its perfect for the beginner to the above average player. Its a great reference , that will save you time searching forums for the same info, The only thing I wish it had is the upper chars like guile,thawk etc.

yeah it’s good but if you’re looking for good fun you should only refer to that book when your truly lost, the fun of street fighter is learning how to play and learn things for yourself maybe invite a friend over every now and then to discuss tactics

no. get the *real *guide. the brady book is online now anyway.

I have both the Anthology and AC guide. They are top notch (and much better than the crappy SFA3 guide that came out along with the Playstation version back in 99).