Should I quit?


Should I quit laying Street Fighter? I never get any better. I never win. I’m usually lucky if I even get a hit or two in. I practice everyday sometimes for 6 hours every day. I tried to learn most every character in SSF4, but can’t even do the most basic of combos with my arcade stick. When I play at my friends I get beaten be everyone there. I spent 3 months trying to learn how to play Ryu, but still can’t. <-PATHETIC:sad:
So should I just quit or is there something I’m doing wrong?


It is best for you to quit. A real winner knows when to quit.


i’d suggest picking a character or two and focusing on them, and learning their matchups.


If you have been playing for 3 months you have a long way to go grasshopper


Hmm…I suggest you stop worrying, start having fun and start paying attention to what you are doing. Pretty sure a good chunk of the problem with the new people is that they do not understand how to pay attention to the game properly. Its ok, I barely started understanding things properly in terms of fighting game.

Keep on playing unless you do not wanna take the time to understand your new chosen hobby and be good at it.


give up on everything. the brilliance in it all is in giving up. the only way to live is by observing the laws of inertia…if you become nothing you will have nothing. it is both the hardest and least demanding way to live.


I tried to learn Ryu for 3 months. I’ve been playing since SF2.(Sucked at that too)


just use balrog and spam jabs all day.


Playing for fun and playing competitively are different things. You want a good example of where you are at? Look at Starslay3r and how well she has done in tournaments. Fighting games are pick and play, not pick and suddenly sunshine shoots out of your asshole and dps people on reaction. If you want to learn, there will be a shitload of people here helping you. If you would like to whine, this is not the place.


Keep on truckin?


That, or, ya just quit. I play ssf4 once every 3-4 weeks, and sometimes once every 2-3 months. It honestly just doesn’t my attention or make me want to play (wont go into those reasons). So spend your time enjoying something instead. (recently got my first big screen hd, and now I am stuck in Fallout 3. I know, two years behind but I swore I wouldn’t play it until I had hd)

I am the same way with sc2. Loved the single player, but I have never played one game online because rts games are more stress and bs to me than fun. Plus we all know the joy of being embarrassed by Korean adolescents…


I agree with what you are saying and I already understand that I can’t just pick up a game and win. I do want to play competitively and want to got to tournaments however with how little progress I’ve made over the last few years I’ve begun to doubt whether I would be able to or not. That is why I’m asking if I should quit.


Maybe you should try posting this in the right section.


“Check to see if its a sf4 player” Yeah I knew it. Same thread every month. Man up and keep playing. No one gets better over night.


this is like the 5th thread about FIGHTING GAMES that has popped up in GD in two days, and in each one of them people keep responding for some reason instead of a single person saying wrong fucking forum you dumb ass newb and then waiting for the thread to be locked.

srk step up your game


Before you give up with Ryu you should definitely check out my tutorials. These should get you on track:




I learned everything I ever knew and ever will know from those tuts


this… now gimme your xbox quitter


That shit made me laugh.

Anyhow, sounds like someone got bodied today. Just do what I do and dont give a fuck. Play and have fun.