Should I return my LCD monitor if it has backlight bleeding?

I just bought a new one and it works great, except for when the screen goes black (or majority black). I can see a slight hint of white creeping in from both the top and bottom. In case you aren’t familiar, here is an example I found on google images (not mine!):

Mine is a LOT less than this, but also comes from the top as I mentioned.

It’s not really a big deal for me since I rarely have to watch/play something almost completely black, but I still want to know:

[]Does this means the monitor is dis-functioning and needs to be replaced?
]Will this worsen over time?

A lot of monitors have backlight bleed and it annoys me althought I’m sure others aren’t bothered as much. I replaced my Samsung for an LG because of this. From what I’ve seen (which is pretty limited), it tends to happen more with cheaper ones. Lag is obviously an important factor as is response time etc. It’s difficult to find one that has everything that’s a reasonable price. I’m sure there are a lot of people that can make recommendations on which ones are good on most of these points.

I don’t believe it will get worse over time.

Thanks for the response.

For the most part, the monitor’s display is excellent and it’s input lag free. I just wanted to know if there was anything wrong with it because of this “bleeding”.

If you just bought it, you should probably just switch it out for a different one. I had and acer monitor do this a while back and switched it out.

Any TN LCD monitor will have some backlight bleed. It really shouldn’t detract you too much.