Should I sell my TE PS3 stick and buy a Hori V3 SA?

I’m undecided and need some help. I have managed to finally find someone who wants my Original SSF4 TE Stick PS3 and I was thinking of selling it for a Hori V3 SA?.

Now I hear maybe the TE is a better stick despite both having the same parts, I can’t test the hori since I have to buy it online. But is this a bad call?.

Quality wise, both are just about equal. It’s all a matter of preference.

One reason I’d opt for a V3-SA is if you play on PC. Hori sticks rarely have any problem working with any PC.

TE’s are far more accessible for art modding.

I own both and I find the HRAP V3-SA a lot more comfortable than the Arcade Fightstick TE. The V3-SA just looks and feels more solid than the TE. I think the only things the TE has over the V3-SA is it’s a bit heavier and easier to mod.

I own both. I wanted to sell my TE at one point and just keep the V3. I’m not sure if it’s me or something else but as a MvC2 player, the V3 isn’t that good for it. When I was using it, I was dropping a lot of my execution and now I just have my V3 collecting dust and I’m just using my TE.

Maybe the V3 is good for games that aren’t designed around 1 frame links play. It seemed to play better on SSF4

^As I said, preference.

The V3 mimics the feel of a Vewlix cab while a TE doesn’t.

That’s if you care about that sort of thing. The main problem with the V3 is the weight. Which you could probably fix by throwing some weights in there.

A v3 mimics a baby vewlix in shape. If you want cabinet size, go vlx. Listen to d3v. He knows his shit. It’s all preference since the only real difference is aesthetics of the stick.

d3v - Can I ask then please is it easier to mod or just the same?. Plus I’m worried about the faceplate having no protection that the plastic will rub off if that makes sense.

In terms of modding, I think the TE wins.

The TE makes use of a terminal block and Toodles’ Kitty board makes the 360 TE much more appealing to everyone in terms of modability.

I had both, I preferred the TE.

The only thing that pisses me off about the TE is the dreaded RT/LT problem, which I believe has now been fixed with the TE-S

In terms of modding, the TE has the advantage in that it’s easier to get plexi covers for it.

It’s not just shape. The dimensions are the same as a real Vewlix cab with regards to what you actually feel with your hands. Materials wise is a different story. And obviously if you do want that 100% authentic feel you get a VLX. To me the real things to consider are, weight, modability and whether or not you prefer having a more arcade accurate feel or having more space for your palms. The first two are very real concerns where the TE comes out in front while the last is sheer preference.

Keep in mind the V3 art does eventually rub off since there’s no protection

^ That too. Hori for whatever reason has been really failing in the art laminate department lately.

I’ve played on both of them and they really feel different, eventhough they almost use the same parts. The Hori’s JLF seems to have more deflection than the TE’s; also, while hitting the buttons on the TE, the faceplate “vibrates” a bit. That’s a very nice feedback to me; others might be annoyed about it (or might not even notice it…). Also, the TE is better supported by the community, so personally, I’d definitely keep the TE (as long as you’re satisfied with it).
I’d recommend you to try out a korean stick / hit box, if you want to try out something new.

I sold my TE for an HRAP V. The spotty reliability of TE PCBs is a liability i don,t want to to deal with(but have to too often on other ppl’s sticks).

Preference really. I’d probably get an HRAP3 just because I prefer astro layout.

Going to inquire about the Qanba range instead.