Should I start out with Ultra SFIV or just learn on SFV for competitive play?

Hey guys, I want to get into competitive streetfighter. I’ve played a lot before but never worked on technique or any real skills but I’d like to now. I was wondering if I should practice on Ultra SFIV of SFV to get into the competitive scene. I’ve seen that only SFV will be at things like Evo so maybe I should just learn SFV? Thanks for the help guys.

If you want to get into the competitive scene…go with SFV.
It has a bigger playerbase…and it’s a good time to jump in as it’s still new.

Oh ok cool. 14 years is a long time haha any tips on what to learn first and all th for a new guy?

Some general tips…

  • Read up. You can learn a lot by reading or watching videos on some of the mechanics in the game.
  • Hit the training room. Start with some basic combos and practice CLEAN inputs.
  • After all of that, just play. You will lose a lot, but it’s important to understand this and not give up. Try Casual Match or better yet, a Battle Lounge with some people around your skill level. Once you understand the game a little better, watch some of your replays (especially your loses) and try to figure out what went wrong.


Ya actually playin 4 period after you learn it?
5 is the game that wasn’t dropped from evo, so if you’re in it for that then it’s jus betta to jus stick to what’s listed at evo.
Practicing eh…

Basic combos.

But I’d recommend anything that isn’t a combo, punishing attack being practiced in matches were the real pressure is.
Eventhubs got all the moves.
Copycat some Haitani or Alucard videos.
I do not recommend copying daigo at all.
Copycat some of PR Balrog’s patterns. Some things he does is really effective. Copy those.

Copy all the stuff you see that didn’t get punished.
Muscle the memory.

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Ya actually playin 4 period after you learn it?
5 is the game that wasn’t dropped from evo, so if you’re in it for that then it’s jus betta to jus stick to what’s listed at evo.
Practicing eh…

Thanks for the advice I’m gonna look up Haitani and them. What were you saying about playing Streetfighter 4?

Jmcrofts videos on YouTube have helped me a lot. I like you have been playing since the world warrior but never took time to learn skills needed to beat anyone other than the cpu

We don’t really know your intentions man.
You goin to enter evo or is it gonna be jus a regular thing?

If it isn’t fun don’t fuckin play it Tatakai : P lol.

Lol I actually find both games really fun. I was just wondering which one I should put most of my gaming time into since I want to compete. Not saying I’m going to enter EVO anytime soon haha but some local comps and stuff. Looks like there will be more SFV comps to choose from though. How much do you think SFIV will even be played anymore in terms of competition? I still intend to play it casually every now and then.

The fighting game community cannibalizes itself.
When a new game comes out the whole community runs over to the new game and gnaws at the fresh body while leaving the old carcass to rot.

There’s only a very small percentage of players that stick with the old game, so your best bet is to play the newest entry in the series if you’re looking for solid competition.

The only exception that I really know of is the Smash community who refuse to play anything that is not Melee and still keep growing or at least a stable player base even after all these years.

USF4 is not one of these exceptions.

Jump on sfv, read the sfv bible and watch tutorial videos on YouTube

KoF 98 / 2002 loyalists.

why choose? get both games. I disagree with Art only because u can toss a copy of Vanilla SF4 in an Xbox360 and find people on XBL playing

key word is competitive. sfv is the premier game right now for competitive play.

Thanks guys I own both games, but I’m playing more SFV for that competitive aspect. I still play SFIV casually haha still fun to play adon.

What is the sfv bible?

He might be referring to the Prima Games guide for Street Fighter 5. Though I might be mistaken.

EDIT: Here’s a linkin case.

To be fair. SNK kinda failed to live up to those two titles with other KOF games. The only other decent games in the series besides those two are 2000, XI and XIII. But I hate OG 2002. 2002 UM is where it’s at. Then again I hate 98um and greatly prefer OG 98.

As for OP, SFV is a better game so you’re better off playing that. I know I sound biased (that’s because I fucking am) but I really hate SFIV and wish it got stuck in development hell.

Yea sorry meant the prima guide for sfv

I prefer USF4, I had more fun with it, but if you’re gonna go the competitive way, SFV is the easy choice.