Should I stick with cody or try someone else?



Hello, I got SSF4 AE for less than a week now and I’m thinking about trying someone else other than cody. The reason why is because I’m not seeing any progress when using him, I get my ass kicked left and right (mainly from shotos) when I use cody and It’s frustrating me to no end. I currently have 34 wins and 90 losses with just playing cody exclusively and I feel like he is not the character for me. But yet again I feel like I should at least spend more time with cody until I start getting good with him. I’m currently at a dilemma, should I just move on and try someone else? or should I stick with cody a bit more


Being so concerned with winning and losing doesn’t really make any sense when you JUST started playing. Learning the game is much more important. I would honestly just not play online and just spent a shitton of time in the lab applying the information to the game that you can find on this forum. Switching characters won’t help you when you don’t have much of a fundamental base, no offense. The game isn’t easy, man. Just stick with it. And if you like Cody, stick with him. Just don’t base your character choice on who you can win more with.


I bought this game in 2010. This is my first street fighter title. I was getting my ass handed to me on a daily basis for a good 6 months. After that my basics finally started becoming more solid, like blocking cross ups, anti-airing, teching throws, etc (although I will admit my teching still isn’t as good as I’d like it to be). Around after a full year my offense finally started climbing to the next level. I was finally understanding and incorporating safe jumps and option selects and such into my gameplay. Even today, I still have a lot to learn. I still spend most of my time in the lab trying to find new technology, or perfecting my current technology. I still have a long way to go and I know it.

You just started this game now. You can’t be focusing on winning/losing. This game has a very high learning curve, especially with Cody. I’m not going to tell you to stick to him, because at the end of the day you have to enjoy what you’re doing. There is no point in force feeding yourself something when you are not even going to enjoy the process. So don’t lock yourself down to one character yet. Go ahead and explore the whole cast. See who you really like and then decide if you want to dedicate yourself to that character as your main. That’s what I did. I went from Gouken to Fei Long to Cody and then it finally just stuck. Even today I don’t always play Cody, I have quite a few alternates. Variety is the spice of life.


Plus, you could always revisit Cody when you get more familiar with the game. When Super first came out, I wanted to play Cody but I couldn’t wrap my head around having zonk charged all the time and such. Losing a button seemed so awkward. When to keep it charged, when to release it during block stun, etc.

After playing Juri for so long and having fireballs stored during combos and zoning, losing the button became second nature. As you grow, you might find certain things about Cody being much easier.

Cody, once you get an understanding of the game, isn’t hard to use. However, to play Cody well, the way he was meant to be played, gets more complicated and much more difficult. I could see why a completely new player would have difficulty with Cody, but if that’s who you want to play, just be patient and learn the character.

That said, what KingVaroon said is great advice. You should be exploring the cast and see who works best for you. And you really shouldn’t be worried about your win/loss ratio. You’re new. You’re newer than 99% of the people you will play.


I was like 0-60 with yun and I still play him although I did always want to try cody and I’m surprised how well I’m doing just punishing people with his anti airs. It’s harder to get in as a newb with yun apparently :(. 1 thing I will say is get your combos down. Missing links will lead to punish and rounds even.


Cody has all the tools for sure, and great Ultras, but just playing a week? He’s not as beginner friendly as Ryu, Zangief or Guile who all play quite basically but can be really difficult to deal with, and will probably scrape through plenty of wins for you. Cody has a good cross up and good damage off a fast low hit, so straight away he can cause problems versus many online players, but you do need to be careful on the recovery of his moves if they don’t hit clean, and be patient looking for openings. I don’t use him much myself, but have played against some very dominating users of him, and the best way to attack seems to be constant rushdown and pressure. One of the Ultras seems to have good anti-air status, but not sure which. Generally though, you will need to practice hard the FADC motion to land Ultra in matches, and that will most likely take months rather than weeks. I think the ‘bingo’ move has some kind of reversal or massive priority, but you’d really have to check the in-depth Cody threads. Certainly, fighting him with T.Hawk, that move seems good in keeping me out.